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Full Circle

Where I am

About 20 months ago, I walked out of my my old company, happy to be free at last from the drudgery of IT work, and off to do an MBA in the land Down Under. But here I am. Back at the very place I left, in a slightly higher role, responsible for managing 5 frustrated software engineers, a few of which are older than me too…but the same company all the same. Things have changed of course, the company’s CEO is attempting to turn things around and the company has an “Employees First” motto. On the day of joining, we were subjected to clips from a 3 hour DVD, with CEO spilling his guts to us. Lots of MBA-Speak, and I was left wondering if the software engineers in the group spotted it for what it was. There are DEFINITELY more women being hired. It almost looks like it’s a 50-50 ratio. They’ve even put up a matrimonials site on the Intranet. But many things haven’t changed. I joined the company on Thursday. Today is Tuesday. I don’t have a login id for my computer. I don’t have a company ID. I don’t have an employee code. Basically, here I am sitting at my desk, using ‘valuable’ company resources and time, typing out on a blog, because I can’t function in any constructive way at work. I can’t check my company mail, run any of the stuff I need to get my new job done. So here I am.

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