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Further From The Womb, Closer To Death

Happy Birthday to Me

This Voice just turned 27 (you wouldn’t be able to tell it from the writing, I know I know). I was about to say that I feel old…”VERY OLD”…but it’s been done before

And as I go through the 2 year old list of things that I was supposed to have done (reporduced below):

A quarter century has passed me by, and I still:
1)Don’t own an island in the South Pacific
2)Don’t own a villa on the Med
3)Don’t run a multi-billion-dollar company which threatens to own the World
4)Don’t run that Indo-American Film & Theatre Production House with my aspiring director friend (Anita), and closest non-relation (VeriKa)…
5)Haven’t got my MBA
And so I blog instead…..

So what’s changed? Only #5…. 🙂 …well it’s on its way to being crossed out…


Still Labouring Like A Pompous Ass

Ah the blogger I hate the most, caught with his pants down…

The fact that me and Atanu Dey dislike each other is well known. I’ve called him a fucking bigot with his tongue in The White Man’s Arse on Desicritics mailing lists, and he’s responded by calling me a cretin and other stuff.

So imagine my joy at seeing this latest post of his.

Why joy – well it’s because he’s been saying that Freedom of Speech doesn’t matter (yet) for India and Indians previously. Read this post and the post it fisks
So let’s see. First, it’s more important to get our people well-fed, so the lack of democracy doesn’t matter, but now all of a sudden, we are being criticized for not implementing our freedom of speech laws enough.


Sorry, just in case it isn’t clear, this is what the Supreme Emperor on India’s Lack of Development said in a previous post:

I am sure there are those who will immediately retort that the Singaporeans don’t have the freedoms that are normally associated with a liberal democracy. And I am also sure that the person making that statement is sitting comfortably well-fed in his nice office or home accessing the world wide web for knowledge and entertainment. For the average schmuck in a third world country, he would any day trade in his imaginary freedoms for a decent shot at a full stomach, a roof over his head, and a chance to get his children educated. After the average schmuck has achieved those basic necessities, he would ask for all sorts of goodies that a liberal democracy provides. And that is when the society should become a liberal democracy.

The sequence is important.

But now all of a sudden, we have a reversal of stance (because he will take any opportunity to put Indians down, in favour of the Yanks, the epitome of Human Evolution).

The main stream media will probably not have the guts to tell it to the leaders like it should. We, the average citizens, have to speak up and express our disgust at the craven surrender of our freedom that is at the core of being a free human.

So what is it the average citizen of this third-2.5-world country should be doing? Should s/he be giving a shit about Democractic freedoms or not? Oh wait, the previous post said average “shmuck” and this one says average “citizen”. Shmucks and Citizens are different species. Duh.

Happy Belated BlogDay

Yea Yea Yea

This blog turned 2 years old on the 10th of May (see the category “First Post”). In that time it has gone through makeovers, sting operations, abusive comments (and abusive posts), rants, ramblings, gratuitous pictures of women and other various oddities.

I wasn’t quite sure how to celebrate BlogDay. Should I just dedicate one of the 10 beers drunk on the 10th of May to my Blog? A picture of a cake? A rant? Should it just be ignored?

Couldn’t decide.

So instead, I’ll leave you with a picture from a recent road trip.

An Apostle

Now, that, my friends, is an Apostle. Well, it’s one of… Basically there were 12 limestone formations, called the 12 Apostles, along a road called The Great Ocean Road in Oz. They, unfortunately, are crumbling away, but that leaves for some breathtaking rock formations.

(more posts coming soon, as the road trips have come to a temporary halt…)

End of Term 1

Only 3 more to go…(Celebrating a small victory)

And what a term it’s been. At the start of this term, the introductory Prof said

Celebrate the small victories

So I am. Another prof said

Despite anything anybody may have told you or you may have heard, may I just say that Australia welcomes you, and with open arms

What a contrast from my introduction to America, which went something like this: “Stupid Immigrant, feeding off our government, stealing our jobs, daring to criticize the greatest country on Earth”. Of course, 75% of the 70 people in the MBA class are International students so maybe it’s pandering to your audience.

Went for lunch to an Italian Restaurant on Lygon St. with Freddy Mercury, the Sexy Singaporean and a few others.
Freddy Mercury

This is Freddy Mercury. A Parsi/Bawa from Chennai, and a reasonably good friend of mine. Knows English and Tamil, and something which pretends to be Hindi. Has seen almost no Bollywood movies ever. When asked to sing a Bollywood song, this is what he broke out with:

Mera Haathi Mera Saathi, Kab aayegi tu

Thus causing enourmous howls of laughter. While we’re on the subject of haathis, the serious lack of Punjabis and North Indians here has also led to a corruption in the name of the only reasonably decent Indian restaurant around here. It’s called Kake di Hatti (complete with the picture of little baby ‘kaka’ wearing a red turban at the entrance). But when Freddy attempted to say it:

Haathi ka kakka? Haathi ki tatti? Kakka and Tatti?

Well regardless, the food was good. He lives in the same building as me, and his flatmate is Bombay Boy, whose pic I haven’t put up yet, because all the ones I have of him are too embarrasing (sleeping with hairy belly sticking out, bending over to get pen but looking like he’s giving his neighbour a BJ, you know that sort of thing).

(Gratuitous Pic of Sexy Sing below)

Sexy Singaporean and Dahej

Ignore the guy next her. He’s Dowry. As in, he’s a sticky close friend which caused Bombay Boy to remark “Yeh to Dahej mein milega” – i.e. if I were to marry the SS (no thanks), he’d be along in the Dowry. Anyway, so we were walking to the restaurant for lunch, when SS yells “Look at that, there is a DILDO growing on this tree”. So we dismiss it as a regular SexySingaporean-ism (of which there are too many to quote), but then I look up, and sure enough, a large fake penis is hanging from the tree. And it turns out, that there are four of them. In Australia, it seems, they grow on trees. I shall take a picture and post it up soon. I took one with my cellphone, but it didn’t come out right -(

Hmm, what else… In order to foster “teamwork”, “people-skills” and other stuff, you’re put into groups of 5-6 people at the start of term, and then are forced to submit a few group assignments in your various subjects. Those groups are called Syndicates, and here’s my syndicate, doing what it does best. Drinking.

Syndicate Meeting

There are a few more posts coming, just thought I’d whet the appetite. I have 2 weeks of break, and nothing to do during those 2 wks, so expect a few rants and stuff.

In the meantime, I leave with my regular diet. A jug of beer, and potato wedges with “sweet chili” and sour cream. Sweet Chili has no chili and lots of sweet. It’s a popular flavour here in Oz. You even get Rice Cakes with that flavour. (ignore the ciggys. I’m a non-smoker)

The See-Food diet

Ta for now, for a day or so.

Message for Scout – I have answered this tag before, but was gonna answer it again in a different way. So hang on.

A Word about Blogrolls

And sausage rolls
With each change in my life, I find a change in my audience.Despite being being Bloxually Inactive, I’ve been linked by a few people lately, and I just wanted those people to know that I haven’t updated it out of sheer laziness – have mercy – my exams are less than a week away, and the end of Term 1 is nigh. You can expect a self-congratulatory, decadent, reminiscing type of post around then (which I formulated last night, but put off due to guilt – studying and all that).

That’s all I had to say.

What about the Sausage Rolls? Well nothing really. Sausage Rolls in Australia are basically the equivalent of ‘non-veg’ patties in India, only the internal constitution is mashed beef/pork (and you were expecting something phallic instead weren’t you).

Anyway, they taste really bland and awful, and the only reason I mention them is to give a nice sub-heading to go with the heading. Sometimes, I do things just for the esthetic appeal you know.

And finally, there’s this:

What Famous Leader Are You?
personality tests by

A Bundle of Mandal

More crap

If Aditya Sarma does immolate himself, all those igniting this unwarranted frenzy will be responsible for it.

So it’s ok to be a farmer and commit suicide. That’s alright. Then you have the sympathy of a certain bunch of people. But if you happen to be student wondering why his life just got harder, you’re a moron. (Note: I think that anybody committing suicide is a stupid thing to do, and have no sympathy for any of them).

Lastly, all those opposing “Mandal II” should tell us whether they are non-OBC. Upper castes are no doubt meritocratic (which is why sons inherit fathers’ businesses), and they are no doubt oblivious to caste (just see the matrimonial pages), but there is the hint of vested interest here. And if you are opposing reservations because admissions will become tougher for you, you won’t get the point of affirmative action anyway.

Mercy. The beauty of being TTG, is that he doesn’t know what his caste is.

As Vulturo (welcome back BTW) says  I don’t have many Dalit friends, because I have never bothered to dwell on their caste. I don’t know. I don’t know how many Brahmin friends I have either. (I am however, painfully aware of the number of Muslim friends I have, but that is another story, for another day).

Then there’s this . It just keeps getting funnier and funnier and funnier.

Albert Krishna Ali. LOL.

A businessman who refuses to rent a flat in Gaurav Apartments, would he ever give a job to a Dalit at his office? Unlikely. He will say that “they” lack “talent”, are not educated enough, and so on.

After comments like this, some of us are expected to carry on with ‘intelligent debate’. Anybody, who has spent even a second working somewhere, knows what a rarity professionalism, and hard work and talent are. A businessman who refuses to hire a Dalit solely on the basis of his caste will be out of business really soon – especially if 50% of our country is really meant to be lower caste. Honestly, I find that hard to believe, because it means we are all guilty of some really twisted logic. It means that the clothes we wear, the food we buy and the air we breathe is all tainted and polluted by the lower castes as they must be slaving away in factories and offcies and the like. Shit. But somehow, we don’t seem to mind it.

Will I hire somebody from IIT after I know he’s a Dalit now? No. Simply because I know that this person got in on relaxed rules, while the rest of them had to suffer through it. I will discriminate against him/her. Actively, whereas before this point, I would have not bothered about the caste of anybody from IIT. I would have hired the one that got the best grades.

But not anymore, sorry.
Last part – Personal Attack

I’ve personally met Shivam Vij at a Delhi Blog Meet. It’s funny, here I stand, along with a whole bunch of other people, being accused of discriminating against people because of something intangible they are born with or something (hell I have no frikking clue what the hell caste is. It makes no sense to me. I can understand racism, but caste-based discrimination makes no sense to me at all). But when I met you at the blog meet, it was YOU who turned your nose up at me, because I happened to live in ‘South Delhi’, the ‘posh’ part of town, and you were the one who sat there judging me.  Interesting.

I refuse to submit to the will of a pawing-clawing kleptocracy which puts “Equality” <- a disgusting concept when applied in an economic sense over “Merit”. “What use do we have for merit anyway”.

Some Administrative Stuff

Addressed in order of the comments received

On Ayn Rand
She’s a (deceased) crackpot bitch, who believes that men should rape women as the only true act of love or something (please, spare me the lectures on how I seem to miss the true nature of what she’s been saying). However, at the same time, she managed to articulate that which was always present in my mind, and probably in the mind of a lot of other people. Which is how it is – some of the greatest psychos in history also came up with some of the most interesting theories. Am I a fan of Ayn Rand? No. I read Atlas Shrugged (exactly 4 times, which is very low for somebody like me), and for the most part, the book is shit. It is one long rant (and considering my pedigree, I know a rant when I see one). Some parts of the book are good – specifically the thoughts that go through the men who were working for Taggart Railways before the accident in the Tunnel. That one portion of the book sums up things in India so well, that the rest of the shyte the book is filled with is forgivable.

The Fountainhead on the other hand, is brilliantly written, and nice and taut. No ranting, interesting dialogue and stuff. I wish more philosophical/ideological books were written with that tone.

On Moderation (Comment Moderation, not Alcohol)
My comment policy is as follows – every single comment that anybody makes shall be published EXCEPT comments that reveal my e-mail address, physical address, telephone number or other confidential personal information. Personal attacks, cursewords, attempts to defame, and really brainless attempts at creating an analogy between moderating comments on your blog (private property) and being in support of government regulation shall be allowed to go through. Of course…this moderation is ‘faith-based’ – you have to take it on faith that I actually do let defamatory comments through.

So in case the intelligence-impaired are still asking why retain moderation at all – it is to maintain some control over what is currently my intellectual (the word intellectual being used extremely loosely) property. The concept of private property/intellectual property, unfortunately, is not comprehensible to communists, so this idea may go straight over their heads.

On Calling People Fornicating Jokers (Cop Out)
Who exactly was being called a Fornicating Joker was intentionally left ambiguous. This was for legal reasons.

On mentioning the WTO
I never said that the aforementioned people were talking about the WTO. I brought up the WTO.

On Unintentional Humour
This post is either in jest or is out and out trolling/flamebait.

On Mandal II
Thank God Australia is offering citizenship so easily. Bye bye India, I’ll come back when you come to your senses. (ok not really, I miss Chicken Tikka too much – plus I have to vote the current government out of power).