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A Few Thoughts

this will be my last post on the DBM Fiasco
Ok let’s go. (Click the read more)1) I would like to offer a total, full, wholly completely unconditional apology for the very unkind, nasty hatespeech, with which my first draft of “Betrayed” was published. There was absolutely no reason to threaten to dismember a certain journalist’s member. There was also no reason to exhort people to harass him either. So for that, I am sorry. I apologise for this, because although I don’t believe anybody takes my buffoonery seriously, there are many bloggers out there who DO wish to be taken seriously, and I would discredit all of them with my stupid, childish outburst.

In my justification, however, I would like to say that for the past 2 years, this blog has been very obscure. I had a total of 8 cronies, who would come visit, ignore my cursewords, comment on the content and disappear, basically allowing me free run of this space. I have gotten into a habit of not putting thought into gear before accelerating blog posting/commenting, and thus far I have been able to get away with it scot free. A few flamebait comments on, or dcubed, in an impotent rage, and on with the rest of day. Basically, I would post whatever came into my mind. Did the thought of putting somebody’s reproductive organ through the guillotine cross my mind? Yes. But as the blogosphere has an excellent self-regulatory mechanism built in, the criticism of my fellow bloggers allowed me to see reason once I cooled down, and so I toned down my post. Now, it is still vicious, but a lot less so. Better people than I have written worse than what is currently up there.

2)(Pardon the poor alignment. I’m too lazy to revise my HTML)
Ok now if you look above, you can see “James”. A nice guy named Anthony left a URL on my previous post. After doing some further investigation, it turns out that “James” happens to be journalist working for the Delhi Times, known as Ranjan Yumnam (yes, he actually is Manipuri). Vulturo had posted about his technological knowledge very recently before the Delhi Blog Meet. BTW, “James” – you’re welcome to visit more blog meets, in fact, JOURNALISTS ARE WELCOME, AND SO IS ANYBODY ELSE!
UPDATE: I googled around a little. Here is the best piece of humour, I have ever come across.

3) The above picture shows you the meaning of the words “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”. Once upon a time, I was an obscure blogger with nothing more than 2/3 comments on my posts, and a reputation for misinformed rants on many a blog. If you look at the graph…<SARCASM>it seems that I am approaching the number of visits required to break into that circle of bloggers known as ‘Elite’.</SARCASM>
Laugh. Out. Loud.

4) To go back to the really nasty tone of my rant, and use of inexcusable language, it is because I was just so completely shocked.

I am an unemployed Software Engineer by day. I have hair growing out my ears & nose (I hope The Compulsive Confessor is not reading this..).

When I decided to host a Blog Meet, I didn’t think I was speaking for the 14 million brown people living in this city. I do not claim to represent anybody other than ME, and that’s only half true, as I’m a Schizophrenic (ok not really). I thought I was going to be able to find a way to kill a few hours, here and there. Meet up with like-minded people, chill out, relax. I did not think that I would end up on the front page of the Delhi Times due to some completely unecessary deception, and be TOTALLY misquoted. Had the journalist at least advertised our URLs, I would have forgiven him (No publicity is bad publicity). Had the journalist actually published what I had said, I would have been jumping for joy. Forget Page 3, I made page 1. HA! But…no. Instead, the four of us were made to feel like complete idiots. It’s amazing. You wake up today thinking, hmmm today is going to be a simple day. Will have some coffee, and discuss silly/semi-important things. I never realised it could/would be so complicated.

Finally, the reason I put my rage up on display is basically because a) I have high blood pressure, and b) I’m lazy. Shivam/Saket/River/Aanchal/Anybody Else actually took the time to sit down, and channel their energies into writing mature, civilized (and angry) blog posts. But you see, I always treated my blog as my venting space. Unfortunately, with 200-something visits, I’ve lost that space. My apology is given above, so I’m not repeating it. Please go back to your regularly-scheduled programming, there’s nothing to see here.

UPDATE:Great Bong also writes a great post. I like being called “The Recurring 2.499999″.


Betrayed (by your own kind)

This just keeps getting worse and worse

In the previous post, I linked to this.

This guy wrote his first post based on what he saw in the TOI, and thus criticised me a little for calling myself a ’self-styled’ Elite blogger. Fair enough, anybody would do so after that inflammatory article. But when the person mentioned in the article responds…

Sir, the article in the Delhi Times doesn’t even report what I say correctly!!!!!!!!

Please see my link

In that meeting I clearly stated I was NOT an Elite blogger!

you would hope for a little correction. So you wait about 24 hours… and no change, so you write in the comments section again:

It is interesting that even I after I attempt to correct you, you couldn’t be bothered to change your article. I wonder, is this any better than the Times of India whom you put down.

So then this is the reply…

Hi Tarun!

I saw your comments and the related posts you have made on your blog. And let me assure you, I am no less concerned about the �?vested-interest reporting�? by TOI, more so after you have brought it to our notice.

As a blogger yourself, you must be knowing how difficult and unethical it is to change one’s stance in the blogosphere, especially after one has gone public with some contention. Supposing you were in my position, would you modify/remove the posting when it’s based entirely on the reporting by an established banner (and an irresponsible one also) like TOI? Let me add that an answer in the affirmative would tantamount to committing a breach of trust with the Netizens.

Again, who else but you can understand that �?Comments�? section is meant to accommodate all shades of remarks…whether carrying bouquets or brickbats for us – as very much apparent even in this specific post. So while you have your share of liberty to post any comment on this blog, please don’t deprive me of my freedom to �?Let The Truth Prevail�?.

Finally, in every anti-militancy operation, some innocent people also fall prey to the bullets. I hope, you get the point.

Thanks & Bye!


Translation: I was putting down the TOI, and you got caught in the middle. Tough shit. I can’t change my blog post, because that would mean that I am correcting myself, and I seem to be above making mistakes. “I Hope you get the point”.

I have never heard anybody say that it is “unethical” to change a Blog post. If that were so, then I think that Google/Blogger/TypePad/WordPress/LiveJournal, all of them should get into big trouble for being so unethical – they all allow you to edit your blog – and THEREFORE, your stance. Which is what I did with my previous post. As many of the commenters said, my angry post would reflect on a lot of other people, i.e. “some innocent people also fall prey to the bullets”. So to minimise that, I also toned down my post. But apparently, this Jonty idiot is above doing things like that.

Interesting, I mean you write an article lambasting poor journalism, and when the commenter replies REINFORCING your point (about inaccuracies in the report), you then decide to stand by the source you are criticsing in your report. You are a truly an idiot.
(Of course, here’s my final comment to his reply, flaming away, as usual)

Which part of �?I AM NOT AN ELITE BLOGGER AND HAVE NEVER CALLED MYSELF THAT�? do you not understand?

He is of course, what he terms himself as – an ‘elite’ blogger. *Heh*

I. DO. NOT. TERM. MYSELF. AS. AN. ELITE. BLOGGER. Please correct that sentence, or maybe I should start calling you the self-styled authority on truth? I categorically denied calling myself an Elite blogger at the meeting, in my posts, and will bloody well ask you to do the same, instead of perpetuating the TOI’s lies. There is nothing unethical about removing that sentence, I don’t know what rubbish you are going on about. This is truly ridiculous, and you are full of shit, which I shall be specifying in my blog post. Feel free to use the comments, as I will also �?let the truth prevail�?.


Croak-and-Dagger tactics

The irony of receiving your 15 minutes of fame…in this format…

The Delhi Blogger’s Meet that I hosted is going to haunt me for some time to come. A little bitching it seems can go a long way….

I got woken up today by Saket/Vulturo. He said we’re on the Front Page of Delhi Times, and the article is awful(unfortunately, it is not up on the web yet either).

Not only is it awful, it’s full of barefaced lies.

Saket, owner of a Blog tracker turned up and gave company to the lonely host

Umm, anybody who knows Saket, knows he has a BLOG, and a “BLOG TRACKER”. As for me being a “lonely host”, I’m attempting to line-maro the Compulsive Confessor, so it’s only a temporarily-lonely host. Asshole.

“I’ve booked the entire section of the restaurant” he added, pointing at the empty sofas reserved for an army of bloggers that he had expected

Ummm…Barista is not a restaurant.
I hadn’t booked the “entire section” of it.
And there was ONE sofa, which could hold 2 people, and ONE chair that was empty.
An army of bloggers, MY ASS.

Their favourite pastime remains MSM bashing, often without caring to provide substantiations, and taking cover behind free speech platitude

Gee, I wonder why I might feel like BASHING THE MSM AT THIS POINT IN TIME!

“We are the elite bloggers of India” announced Tarun, as Aanchal and Neha, who showed up later, nodded in agreement.

Ok, first off, I SAID I WASN’T one of the ELITE bloggers of India, and went on to roll off a list of all the A-list dudes (The people I mostly pick fights with – Deeshaa, India Uncut, Uma MD, Dilip D’Souza,e.t.c.) as being part of the Elite crowd (and Saket too).

Second(I suppose this is lucky), River’s name has been incorrectly reported as Neha. Again, I don’t know if River has a prob with her name being mentioned, so I won’t mention it, but it ain’t Neha…

Now I know how celebrities must feel when they see their quotes in print. Is anything in the paper the truth? Delhi Slimes, congrats, you’ve reached a sub-subterrenean low.

If anything, this just shows how worried the MSM must be about us. Why else would you send a spy to check up on us? James (if that is your real name) you are a slimy little piece of shit.

As a draconian measure, in line with our government, I suggest that any newcomers to bloggers’ meets be asked to demonstrate their knowledge of blogging BEFORE they show up. If you don’t know anything about blogging, too bad, go do some f-ing research first….ok I’m only kidding. It would a dumb, unenforceable thing to do.

Anybody with better suggestions, please do tell.

I have revised and refined my blog, based on this post
and Nitin’s comment.

However I would like to state that this is MY SPOT on the Web. That is the whole goddam point. And while some bloggers want to be taken as seriously as journalists, I DON’T. Everything on this blog is just that – a voice from a 2.5-world country. I have never claimed to be the authoritative Voice.

Update 2
Now I’m being painted with the TOI brush!

Update 3
If you’re still coming to read this post, please move on to this one

Update 4
You know what, there is no such person known as “James”. And if you shall observe, it is James that I call a slimy piece of shit. Is calling an imaginary person names really name-calling?

Delhi Blogger’s Meet Report

They came, they saw, they got conquered.

Ok let’s see…

The Barista Creme WAS quiet on Saturday when I went to reserve some space for us bloggers, I didn’t think there would be such a stark contrast the next day!

All of you Delhi-ites are traitors, if this is the sort of attendance one should expect from a blogger’s meet then we might as well go back to watching the Rocks grow.

So… the first person to show up at our Blog meet was a guy called James, from Manipur, studying here in Delhi. Poor James showed up at 4.30 !#@#! and asked random people if they were bloggers.

Next come me & Vulturo (I don’t think I need to link to him, he’s The Prince of Darkness). Well I spent like 20 mins circling around South Ex trying to find a place to park. I finally parked out somewhere next to some abandoned building, keeping fingers crossed that nobody would tow/steal it. Then I bumped into Saket who came out of Reliance WebWorld and we entered the Barista, and sat down at our ‘reserved table. Since nobody seemed to have responded, we both had afeeling that this might turn out be our first date instead of a Blogger’s meet. But then James showed up. So over a griled chicken sandwich, and Synthetic Barista Coffee ™ James asked us blog questions – how much tech knowledge do you need, what do you guys blog about, is there any money in blogging e.t.c. A nice chap, but a little too quiet for a loudmouth like me.

30 minutes later, River (of RiversBlueElephants fame) showed up, and she came with Aanchal who is the owner ofThree Drinks Ahead.

So we learnt that River has a Ph.D, so now I shall proceed to call you Dr. River. Unfortunately, this time there were no commie-cappy arguments -( We were in an affable mood, and the conversation was light and interesting. But we discussed a few things – who is the most popular Indian Blogger? Well as Vulturo pointed out, it does seem to be Amit Verma of India Uncut, but I’m still a little doubtful about that.

Anyway, the ladies ordered some lovely looking drinks – DOCTOR River’s drink had a mini Apple Pie on TOP of it!!!$@$#!#@ while Aanchal’s drink had a Brownie. How does this stuff manage to float on top of coffee? Mysterious I tell you.

Anyway, it was again, a good time had by one and all. Varna and Shivangi were meant to join us, as was Mr. Mall Road – kithe reh gaye si tussi? And Mr. MaharajDhiraj? Have all you people developed a life? You actually have better things to do? Whatever.

Delhi, you disgraceful city, shape up! I think right now our Bloggers’ Meets are poor shadow of our competitor in Western India (Mumbai).

Oh and this message is specifically for Saket – IGNORE READ MORE :-p