How to be a lazy journalist / reader

There is a concerted effort to undermine Indian democracy

What is your reaction on reading this article?

Is it a grudging cynical acceptance that the Indian system is flawed and corrupt? Probably, right? And after reading this article you go on with life, and don’t think about much else.

But let’s suppose you actually read the article carefully, and noted that the article talks about an EVM being tested by:

The team of scientists from the Universites of California, San Diego, Michigan and Princeton ….

Ok, so our Indian voting machines were tested by people in America. So? In your mind, it probably raises the credibility of the article, and the flaws in our voting machines, right?

Well, let’s suppose you really had some time on your hands, and you entered the name mentioned in the article

Hovav Shacham

 PLUS the phrase

‘voting machine’

into Google. You turn up a bunch of results. This link was among the top few results when I searched. I didn’t bother listening to the video because what I was looking for was mentioned in the text below the video:

The computer scientists employed “return-oriented programming” to force a Sequoia AVC Advantage electronic voting machine to turn against itself and steal votes.

Did the words Sequoia AVC Advantage jump out at you? A Google search for that turns up the following link:

Ummm in case you haven’t voted in an Indian election you probably wouldn’t know that an Indian Voting Machine looks like this:

Are all voting machines alike?

Could it be possible, just possible, that the Indian EVM on display is actually MORE SECURE than the LCD Screen, Software based contraption that was tested?

Did the Hindustan Times article mention ANYWHERE that the voting machine tested was not an Indian EVM?

99% of people who read the HT article won’t bother to spend the time researching as I have just done. What then, is going to be the average person’s opinion on the Indian Voting Process?


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