Some more photos….

Pedestrian Safety....

Pedestrian Safety....

 Hmm, somebody said something about pedestrian safety. Is there anybody around to guide this idiot to proper crossing before I squish him to a pulp in my car?

More pedestrian safety

 Ah Safety. You see we have got the buses on one side of the road, and pedestrians/cyclists on the other. But somebody obviously forgot to tell the cars that. When the traffic jam gets awful, as it does on a regular basis on the BRT stretch, cars resort to using the cycle path, with impunity. Nobody stopped that blue maruti, or the 2 other cars my inferior cellphone camera failed to capture (oh yes, I have a cellphone with a camera . Can you imagine how many people died in Africa to make that Cellphone for me?).

Cars hanging out on the BRT...

Cars hanging out on the BRT


More 'buses'

VIP Buses


DTC Mercedes

DTC Mercedes

 Although it may be hard to spot, the DTC has started investing in Mercedes Benz luxury sedans. How else does one explain Merc waiting at a BRT bus stop? This is of course, under the nose of a BRT ‘Martial’, someone I feel really sorry for – an impotent wand waver…



  1. Shuvro Aikath

    oh i have plenty of nitspicking to do. i prefer to start wit calling out your own contradiction. if it was nont of my fucking concern why you inform me about ownership of the car anyway then? because i touched a nerve.

  2. Phoenix

    It is very interesting that you are left with nothing to do but nit pick around the edges. The ‘My’ in “my car” in this case, is shorthand for ‘The car I was driving at the time of taking pictures’. The car in question belongs to my sister, not that it’s any of your fucking concern.

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