We will be back shortly

Phoenix is out taking photographs, as part of a rejoinder to the previous post…..



  1. Bus passenger

    whatever you commute through, what’s taking you so long to take the pictures and respond to the rejoinder?

  2. Phoenix

    Not all the buses are air-conditioned. And yes, here is where you hit the nail on the head – rush hour traffic ties up roads in all parts of the city – so…is the solution to create a bigger rush hour on one road, and ease it for buses, or is it better analyse what exactly is causing rush hours everywhere, and tackle that? While proponents of the BRT will argue that is exactly what they have done, as I’ve already said previously, I disagree.

  3. Mallika

    I travel by the BRT all the time, and I have to say I do not find it more time-consuming than travelling by bus on any other route. In fact its far more comfortable, the buses are new and air-conditioned, and much faster. Rush hour traffic ties up roads in all parts of the city, it not a specialty of the BRT by any means.

  4. Phoenix

    1) This comment would be funny, except that often times it’s true. I recall at least 3 occasions we’ve actually decided to turn back to GK, instead of attempt to catch a movie in Saket.

    2) I don’t own a car, be it luxury, or not. So, the BRT is meant to be benefiting me the most. Can’t wait until the Metro opens its line to Gurgaon. Then finally we will have some real public transport, instead of this sham.

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