On Traditionalists

My turn to weigh in on the IPL and Cheerleaders

So much noise has been made on both these fronts. IPL, Twenty20 Cricket & Cheerleaders are now considered the new imperialist forces corrupting our innocent youth and degrading our ancient civilisation and culture. Which, while disappointing, is hardly unsurprising as the stock reaction.

This voice, of course, welcomes these new ‘imperialist-capitalist’ forces, because this voice usually welcomes Change. And, in that vein, this voice decides to take apart the whiners and apologists who are railing against these new changes.

Judging by the reporting in most sections of the Media, it is pretty obvious that all of these commentators are sniffing. Every report on Twenty20 is sniffy and snarky. ‘Slam-bang’, ‘Slap-Dash’, ‘Very entertaining’ blah blah blah. This is amusing, to say the least, because most of the press that is reporting probably grew up in the One-Day cricket Era.

If one had access to archives of newpapers and other media, I am pretty sure you would find that the folks reporting on Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket in the 1970s probably reported in the same sniffy vein. ‘Oh what is going to be the future of cricket?’, they said, wringing wrung hands. Doomsayers were forecasting the end of Test cricket. They probably said this One-day game is just pure entertainment and a ‘dumbing-down’ of the game. Surprise surprise, neither game affected the other, and both continue in their respective forms.

But you see, times change. Just because the original game is 5 days long, doesn’t mean it always has to be that way. Every sport must endure some innovation. Is there some reason that Cricket has to be played the way it was played a 100 years ago?


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