No imagination at all….

I am an Idiot. What’s New?

So Mr. Pomposity Personified is at it again. Of course, it’s not like I ever expected him to stop…

The Latest Salvo:

All this is very exciting for me. I look forward to boarding the AGV one of these days. But it is also a bit sad. India will never have anything that exciting. India just does not have the imagination. We are quite happy with our trains that do an average of 25 km/hr and our top speed trains average around 80 km/hr. It’s strange that passenger train service began in India over 150 years ago. We are a slow moving people.

If one types the words ‘High Speed Rail Link Delhi Mumbai’ one turns up a number of articles – which talk about that the fact that the Indian Government had proposed to build a high-speed rail link (a la the Japanese Shinkansen) between Delhi and Mumbai, in partnership with the Japanese government.

On conducting feasibility studies, and cost-benefit analyses, this plan was revised and replaced with the Mumbai Delhi Industrial Corridor – it was felt that money would be better spent developing industry and creating wealth than building a high-speed rail line which would probably cost the same as a first class airline ticket, and benefit fewer people than the construction of dedicated freight corridors, and industrial hubs across 4 states. But no. The great God of All Things has spoken. Indians lack imagination.

“It’s strange that passenger train service began in India over 150 years ago. “. No. It didn’t. It began in British India 150 years ago, with the express aim of moving resources from the source of exploitation to a point of consumption. But no. We are a ‘Slow Moving People’.


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