Myths about Transport in Delhi


So this triggered a rant (after a long hiatus).

    There are 1.5 million private cars on the road.


      3 million two-wheelers, a lot of these will convert to cheapest small cars

      How is this a ‘fact about transport in Delhi’? What proof is there that this event occurring is a certainty? Delhi Metro and HCBS anyone?

        And only 6,800 city buses.

        Ummm why is there the word ‘only’ in this sentence. One bus can carry say I dunno…50 people? 50 x 6800 = 3 lakh people. If these 6800 buses are all out at the same time, and make multiple trips, that’s a lot of people being transported. How is 6800 a low number? Idiot.

          The city adds 41 vehicles every hour, 31% of them being private cars.

          Ok so that means that the remaining 69% consists of non-private vehicles – so that means private cars are not the dominant type of vehicle being sold. So shouldn’t we be worrying about the remaining 69%? Also, 31% of 41 = 12.71 cars per hour. Of course, that’s not what’s really going on, id it? What you did, was take the total number of cars sold in India in a year, and then divided that number by 8670, Clever Dick. This is a common scaremongering tactic, which should be obvious, because cars aren’t sold 24 hours a day. So it’s not like there will be 13 more cars on the street 60 minutes from now. Idiot.

            Last 5 years have seen a 43% increase in vehicles, and 9% in road space.

            and what therefore? Roads aren’t manufactured in factories. Were you expecting to see a proportionate increase in road space?

              Road area is already 20% of land area. Green area is only 10%.

              Okay so? Of course, this ‘fact’ conveniently forgets to mention that GREEN COVER IN DELHI HAS INCREASED OVER THE PAST 5 YEARS. Would it be better if 50% of Delhi was Jungle? Would that satisfy these morons? Is it possible for the road area to be substituted with Green area? Maybe we turned arid, desert land into road space, genius.

                There is a limit in extending roads and flyovers.

                Very good. Have you finally been promoted to Class II yet?

                  Our collective automobile experience ends with traffic jam.

                  Collective automobile experience? Is that like some weird sexual orgy involving cars? Wow, you’re a pervert.

                    And slower vehicles spew more.

                    More bile? Venom? Bananas? This is a ‘fact’?

                      We should be ashamed that all we gained out of converting public transport to CNG has been offset by rising number of cars!

                      It has? Is this another unsubstantiated ‘fact’? CNG helped reduce Acid Rain. That was a big gain. CNG can do nothing about RSPM, which has increased due to the amount of construction taking place in this city.

                        A car pays Rs 400 a year as tax, while a bus is charged Rs 13,000.

                        I’m curious – considering that many of Delhi’s buses are state-owned, how this tax figure was arrived at. Also, smarty pants, there is a tax on Petrol. I’m pretty sure car owners pay for petrol, so the amount of tax paid by car owners will dwarf that paid by buses. Moron.

                          Government subsidises private vehicles with low tax, cheapest parking lots.

                          Please define ‘low tax’. What is a ‘low tax’? And what do you mean cheapest parking lots?

                            Public investment in roads and flyovers are cornered by private cars only.

                            HUH? Are we still speaking English here?

                              Private cars take up 75% of the road space, while buses get only 8%.

                               – I would love to meet the revolutionary mathematician who came up with these numbers. I wonder how they were arrived at. I can guess. Some genius took the number of total vehicles in Delhi. Then they first divided the number of cars in Delhi by the total, and repeated the same for buses. To arrive at a completely meaningless number.

                                Hence, there is no money left for public transport investment.

                                Hence? Is this the same Hence that’s used when lays out a bunch of facts leading to a logical conclusion? Can anybody see any reasoning or logic used in the subjective statements made above?

                                  All these, while private transport only 20% of passengers, and buses still carry 61%.


                                    Bravo Tabloid journalist. What an excellent link you’ve sent me.



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