There should be a medal…

For knowing what happens next….

So the first link comes from the Other India, who seems to have hired some kind of newbie who isn’t in the mould as the others. This is a very moderate, tempered article, relative to the usual crud.

And the second link goes EXACTLY according to plan, from our own beloved Hindu. (Link courtesy Recursive Hypocrisy .

What am I going on about? Why THIS, of course!



  1. Phoenix

    Shouldn’t be that amazing really. I strongly believe in a policy of ‘Know Your Enemy’, so I am subscribed to all the people I dislike. Plus I don’t believe in being part of a choir (i.e. only going to the libertarian sites). Further, seeing how those folks argue only gives me more fodder for my site. If you’ve been following my blog long enough, you’ll see that very little of it is original – most of it depends on someone else having said something. Hey capitalists are meant to be parasites after all :-).

  2. shadows

    What I found funnier and amazing is that – Somebody still visits the Other Idiots site ! 🙂

    Otherwise, the contents of Other Idiots site are quite predictable (non-factual, unreasonable, and rabid, that is).

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