The carrots of Hauz Khas

Ah the joys of local food. What a crock (of dung)

So the latest fad to save the Earth has to do with eating local. This will be a short post. Why? Because I don’t think I really have to explain why I don’t believe I will be saving the planet by eating carrots growing on the central verge of Khel Gaon marg. Is that local enough for you?

Oh I took it literally. I should look within my region. Ah. So you mean the garden in the front of the DLF Infinity Towers, Gurgaon is better to grow carrots and apples? No? A little further afield? Within 100 km of my city you say? I have the The Great Indian Desert to my south and west. So that limits the ability to grow stuff does it not? Oh I should restrict myself to cactus juice then? Thanks. Could it be that there might be some parts of the world that live in areas not conducive to growing nutritious stuff within their 100 km radius? Oh then we relax the rule. So tell you what. Why don’t we just tell that rule to fuck off?

By the way – once we’ve all decided to eat local and killed off the population of all the world’s islands, who is going to console the farmers around the world, who were shipping their stuff much farther afield than they are now. They will make less money, which means they won’t be able to feed their families. But hey. We saved the planet didn’t we?


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