Revisting Past Glory

Man, I never realised I was good…I actually find my old posts interesting.

So to the few people who accidentally stumbled onto this blog instead of, allow me to introduce myself to you. I am TTG, erstwhile blogger, victim of a sting operation of the Delhi Times (circa 2005), and chaser-after of the now almost famous eM. In that previous life, I was a very prolific blogger. But quantity does not equal quality my friend. Don’t believe me? Well, if you’re a single woman in Delhi, go stand at your nearest street corner, and shout at the top of your voice – “I NEED SEX”. The result will be a substantial quantity, and as for quality… well…

I digress. I was at work today, researching an unlisted company (i.e. not on the stock market, and therefore with no publicly available information) when I stumbled upon a site called The Wayback Machine. Which for some bizarre reason has archived my site. Only some of it. The beautiful obituary I wrote for my grandmother is lost forever, along with her. But there were other posts which are still there. Go and have a look if you’re tired of sending Valentine’s Day cards to yourself. Some of my posts were so good that they engaged even me! Imagine their effect on you! Anyway, let me then announce to the world at large, that I hereby begin the TTG Atlantis Setu Samudhram Recovery project. I need to get the blog posts from The Wayback Machine site, and get them uploaded onto this site. This is a massive task, requiring:

  •  7000 slaves,
  • a beautiful wife who is played by Aishwarya Rai and who dies after giving birth to my 14th son child
  •  and an architect whose hands I will eventually cut off so that he may not repeat the task ever again.

Oh wait. That’s been done before! Damn you ISKCON Temple, always stealing my thunder!*

*If that joke went straight over your head, there’s not much I can do to help you understand it except maybe this might help


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