Odds & Ends

Tis a slow weekend


That stupid “It’s Raining Men” song is going through my head, due to the Maruti SX4 ad. How the F am I supposed remain heterosexual if I am accidentally caught singing that song ? (Although, in this country with its skewed sex ratio it ain’t that far from the truth…but then nobody says Hallelujah because of that…)

The Delhi govt. has done some interesting things, lately, and I wonder what the consequences will be. The drinking age has been lowered from 25 years of age to 21. Finally, a case of laws beginning to match reality.


(Obligatory Ivy-League Alma Mater mention). My university’s motto (in Latin) was:


Leges Sine Moribus Vanae

Which translates to: Ceaser suffers from gas because he ate a burrito last night. Kidding. It actually translates to: Laws without morals are useless

And I’m sure Ben Franklin came to that conclusion after looking into his crystal ball to see some of the laws framed by the Indian government.

(End of Alma Mater mention)

The other interesting thing the Delhi government did is make it legal for women to work as bartenders. Of course, as has been mentioned a trillion times before, India is a free country, but only in name many a time. India suffers the Asian confusion of considering “Freedom from..” instead of “Freedom to”.

By framing idiotic laws like preventing women from working in bars, India has given you freedom from drunken men molesting women. By preventing people under the age of 25 from drinking, India gives youth the freedom from inebriation (or parents the responsibility of actually raising self-reliant human beings). So, just like we got Freedom from the British, all of our laws are designed to give us freedom from things. Newsflash: They don’t work.

Instead let’s try a different approach – women should have freedom TO work where they choose – so let’s repeal the stupid law that prevents them from doing so. (I’m skipping the alcohol example because I think we all get the point.


Just saw a Discovery Channel documentary on the Delhi Metro. I knew it was a Big Deal for the country and the world in general that the Delhi Metro exists and functions, and the show just went on to prove that. I was especially impressed with the Delhi Metro control room, which looks like those cool sci-fi control rooms you see in so many Jerry Bruckheimer movies, big screens and men in ties.

I am attracted to a woman at work. She’s a hottie, and she works as an auditor for the Quality department. Now people working in the Quality department need to have a certain trait. This trait is Anal-Retentiveness. Shame she works in the Quality department. We could have had a passionate affair, having sex by the coffee machine and on my boss’s desk after hours. Ah well. She’s a long-legged single-eyebrow raiser, which really turns me on. I can only raise one eyebrow by screwing my face to make me look constipated. Even then, nobody is sure I’m raising an eyebrow or trying to poop my pants.

I hope my company lets me resign on Friday.If not, I’ll be back here to bitch. Oh wait. Even if I do I’ll be back here to bitch.


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