Wanted: Noodle Straps in the Ether

Why don’t private FM stations broadcast live cricket matches?

Does anybody have the answer to this? It’s probably just a stupid government regulation, but can anyone confirm this? The same goes for news broadcasts. Why is private TV news allowed, but not private radio news?

Of course, being the Free Market Fundamentalist that I am, I will say it is because Radio is more accessible than TV. Therefore, it means the government will have less control over the populace if any old fool can broadcast news. Well deplorable as that is, it is still understandable.

But what of Cricket broadcasts? I am sure the BCCI would lurve to sell more rights to competing bidders if it could. It must not be allowed to. What justification is given for not allowing cricket broadcasts? Doesn’t make any sense to me. AIR broadcasts them, so it can’t be because “it may cause public disturbance”. Of course, one could argue that the matches help keep AIR in business, but that also seems unlikely, because the FM radio stations and AIR don’t cater to the same audience, and therefore, would not get the same sponsorship.  The sponsorship for just one match would probably be enough to make any private FM station’s day.

Broadcasting cricket and news on the pvt channels can only be good for radio. Besides, I want to fantasize about noodle straps during my commute….


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