Leadershit Skills

Me, as manager

I would hate to have me as a boss. I’m passive-aggressive, I don’t lead by example, and the boss-me spends lots of time socialising with the higher-ups. Yep, I wouldn’t want to work for me.

Mercifully, I don’t have to, and for the poor shlubs who do have to work under me, well, I get paid to get the work done, not to make friends (although arguably, ‘teamwork’ is a necessary skill)…

At least this confirms that I definitely belong in the consulting field, and not the general management field. We can leave that for the ‘leaders’. Whenever I get stuck on problem, I kinda sit down and think “What would so-and-so do?” where so-and-so are my ex-boss, my dad, and my brother-in-law. Why my brother-in-law? He’s big-time hotshot. Real big. He’s the head of South Asian operations for a multinational bank. Unfortunately, having someone like that as your brother-in-law means people expect great things from you, like owning a duplex apartment in Malabar Hill, like he does. Personally, I’ll be happy if I can just make ends meet, honestly! (confessions such as these restrict me to a certain class of woman as a potential mate…ah well).

Anyways, notice has been given, and I’ll be leaving soon, so at least I don’t have to live with me as boss for too long.


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