Another ray of hope…

Can’t think of an Economist-style sub-heading…

In the battle of Delhi vs Bombay (of course, most Bombay-ites pretend there isn’t one. Whatever), Delhi wins on the airport front, because you don’t see the massive slums lining the side of the airport. What you will get to see these days is a broad 4-lane-on-either-side highway, with a few choke points (where the highway is still being built), and other points where the traffic flows at about 120 kilometres/hour (or 60 miles/hour for the cavemen out there).

Now what they also will see is a new airport.

I present this and this to you….


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  1. shadows

    Seems like my earlier comment was eaten up.. Reposting the same. ..

    I blame the bad state of Mumbai on Delhi 😛

    Our Dearest bleeding-heart socialite.. oops socialist Madam, residing in Delhi, and her pet Dr. LapDog singh have decided that slums in Mumbai should not be demolished even when the Congress chief minister, Deshmukh, wanted to improve infrastructure in Mumbai and demolish illegal slums. She has allowed demolitions of “more legal” shops in Delhi, to clean up the city. (More legal in the sense that they pay taxes)

    Interestingly, the enlightened Madame is okay with demolition of legal homes in Ulhasnagar, way out of Mumbai city. Legal homes in the sense that the Municipal corp has approved the societies, the societies are registered, they pay property and water tax, they pay the road tax, and they pay the electricity bills, unlike the poor slumdwellers.

    I tell ya 😉 kick out the madam and her squealing pets, and most of India will be better off.

    Also, dont you think that it makes sense to invest in the financial capital of a country and create world class infrastructure there? How much can the economy gain if Mumbai is improved?

    PS. I was a Mumbai resident. Now, I dont live in delhi or mumbai but have been to both these places. Very short duration in Delhi, I admit, mostly around CP.

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