A rant on slave labour

I can’t leave my job….

So this is a general ramble.

First off, I have now been rejected by Google twice, within one year. This, you have to admit is a remarkable achivement. It’s even more remarkable than applying to ISB three times, getting admission on the third try, and then foolishly rejecting it for the Melbourne Business School. But such is life.

On top of that, I have realised just how chained the Indian labour market is. We all know that the Indian Labour market is horribly over-regulated, and this is why there are no jobs here – although in this booming economy, that’s not quite so true. But let me put it like this – I joined my old company – HCL basically because I didn’t want to be unemployed while hunted for a more appropriate job. Right now, I am a Project Lead. This means I get yelled at by a few people, and yell at a few more. But I want to get an MBA job, which means I get yelled at by one person, and yell at a lot of people. So anyways, I found a job that will allow me to do that – I will be joining IBM as an associate consultant.

Ok, so far, nothing more than the regular self-absorbed post you can expect from me. Now what pisses me off here, is that even after having spent only 14 business days at HCL, I am chained to them – I HAVE to see off the entire 2 months of notice. This is fucking ridiculous. In (semi)civilized parts of the world, I would have been out in a week. But nope. This is the Communist Republic of India. Where you still have to take permission from the government to fire people. Which means you will think 1000 times before hiring someone. Which meansn once you have thought 1000 times and expended all that effort in getting someone, you will put them on probation for 1 year, in case they DO decide to run away. And it also means you will try and keep them in your company, so you’ll tack on a 2 month notice period. And if you break that 2 month notice period, the company can file a suit against you – or make you pay the 2 months salary that you would have got had you stayed those 2 months…!

And then they say Slavery has been abolished.


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  1. shadows

    I think you can leave, they cannot do anything, they cannot force you to work. But yes, they will not give you an experience letter, and may hold up your documents like Form 16, etc. If the new company you join is willing to ignore the experience letter, and accept your signed copy of the employment contract, it should be enough.

    Form 16 is the worst part. First of all, its compulsory for filing tax returns if your tax has been deducted at source, or you pay fine or the tax again.
    Legally, they are bound to give you Form 16, but then, … whats stopping them from troubling you 🙂 , in case you have a dispute with the company over the notice period.

    In many cases, salary slips of last 6 months are enough as an employment proof.

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