The Boy Who Read?

Notes on the Boy Who Lived, with spoilers

First off, am I the only one who has no life and who bought his reserved copy at 11 am today, and finished the book by 2.15 am of the following day? I see no reviews from anyone else on Google Reader…

There is a vague recollection of some interactions with humanity and the outside world, let me go check my pensieve….argh,never mind!

So to answer the burning question on the potential reader’s mind:

Harry, Ron and Hermione DO live happily ever after, but there were points in the book where I thought one or more of them was definitely set to die and thinking I’d stop reading if any of them did. But they saw the light of day.

Second, JKR was true to her word, and did not do a “Gandalf” with Dumbledore. 😦 It would have been nice to have him back. But his death was explained away brilliantly. This woman…she does know some magic. (C’mon, gime some points for getting in so many cliches in such a short period). It still annoys me though, because there was TONS of evidence throughout the books to show that Dumbledore wasn’t dead. The most obvious being the fact that he told Draco Malfoy that a death could be faked, just minutes before he himself died. I’m c’mon people. DOn’t be so unobvious.

You can’t mention Dumbledore’s death without mentioning the Murderer.

Did Snape redeem himself? That was one of the better parts of the story. There are some odd parts, some draggy parts, and parts that I disliked. I thought Ginny & Neville would have a much bigger role than they did. But they were a bunch of sideys. For shame! And I was especially annoyed to see that Prof. McGonagall, being a member of the Order and all, has no role at all to play. For Shame x2!

And I can say I’ve had my fill of death, thanks.

However, in short, the last book was totally worth the wait! But there are a few things – it is definitely written in a more mature style, complete with a few minor cursewords here and there. I can just see some parents getting annoyed about that.


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