Children of Men

Rating: Awful

Argh. What could have been an interesting story turned out to be crud. Children of Men, based on the book (of the same name) by P.D. James.

It’s the future, and for some reason, everybody is infertile. Fair enough. Do we ever figure out why? Nope. Except of course for a young black woman who isn’t. Why? We don’t know. Enter Clive Owen as a disgruntled Theo Faron. Another take on Winston Smith of 1984. Working for the government, just another petty cog. He gets caught up with a bunch of rebels, (Julianne Moore leads them, but only temporarily – she gets shot). It’s his job to get the pregnant woman to meet with the “Human Project” people so that they can save humanity. So then begins a chase through the rotten English countryside of the future, with a few betrayals here and there, and then eventually, our hero prevails, and the lady makes it to the boat on time.

As usual, the future is a dystopia. Is it so hard to believe that the future will be very much like today? An average-topia? A mixture of good and bad. Advances in health science coupled with worse diseases? Social breakdowns coupled with social non-breakdowns.

Hmm, now comes the interesting part:

Ok so we’re living in an England where Immigrants, illegal or otherwise are considered subhuman.

You see TV ads which say show photographs of riots, and names of cities underneath (Jakarta, Melbourne, New York, Blah Blah – oddly, they didn’t mention a single Indian city, go India). Then finally the ad finishes by saying “The rest of the world has fallen. Only England soldiers on”.

All illegal immigrants are detained in concentration camps. Specifically, they are made to stand in cages…with the their arms & legs outstretched, in a star formation. And their faces are covered with KKK-type hoods.

In one of these concentration camps, there is a parade of Islamic people chanting Allah-hu-Akbar, just before the British army comes in to bust the place down…


I see. So the filmmaker decided to make this into a different story. They made it into a political allegory….Could this be AMERICA we’re talking about, and not England?

Yechs. Yuck. Awful.

Not mention the whole baby-being-carried-around as though he was Jesus/Moses/Something from the Bible. Sheesh.

This movie is as bad as V for Vendetta. If not worse…


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