New Beginnings

(That Eminem song where he goes: “Guess who’s back, back again” is playing in the background…)

So here I am. Back to blogging. I have felt the urge to blog for the past few months. But just never figured out what to blog about. But I’m here. And I have my usual crap to dish out. So let’s get started, with the next post…


One comment

  1. terah745

    Let’s get started.

    It was a long break.

    After many a heart-breaks.

    Down Under with no wear.

    Dancing naked in a moonlit beach.

    With damsels from the forbidden breed.

    You forget about the other halves.

    Did you dance drink and screw?

    And even if you did.

    Like my dad said.

    Everything done in foreign lands is forgiven.

    May you be forgiven.

    May I be forgiven.

    It’s great you are back.

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