Still Labouring Like A Pompous Ass

Ah the blogger I hate the most, caught with his pants down…

The fact that me and Atanu Dey dislike each other is well known. I’ve called him a fucking bigot with his tongue in The White Man’s Arse on Desicritics mailing lists, and he’s responded by calling me a cretin and other stuff.

So imagine my joy at seeing this latest post of his.

Why joy – well it’s because he’s been saying that Freedom of Speech doesn’t matter (yet) for India and Indians previously. Read this post and the post it fisks
So let’s see. First, it’s more important to get our people well-fed, so the lack of democracy doesn’t matter, but now all of a sudden, we are being criticized for not implementing our freedom of speech laws enough.


Sorry, just in case it isn’t clear, this is what the Supreme Emperor on India’s Lack of Development said in a previous post:

I am sure there are those who will immediately retort that the Singaporeans don’t have the freedoms that are normally associated with a liberal democracy. And I am also sure that the person making that statement is sitting comfortably well-fed in his nice office or home accessing the world wide web for knowledge and entertainment. For the average schmuck in a third world country, he would any day trade in his imaginary freedoms for a decent shot at a full stomach, a roof over his head, and a chance to get his children educated. After the average schmuck has achieved those basic necessities, he would ask for all sorts of goodies that a liberal democracy provides. And that is when the society should become a liberal democracy.

The sequence is important.

But now all of a sudden, we have a reversal of stance (because he will take any opportunity to put Indians down, in favour of the Yanks, the epitome of Human Evolution).

The main stream media will probably not have the guts to tell it to the leaders like it should. We, the average citizens, have to speak up and express our disgust at the craven surrender of our freedom that is at the core of being a free human.

So what is it the average citizen of this third-2.5-world country should be doing? Should s/he be giving a shit about Democractic freedoms or not? Oh wait, the previous post said average “shmuck” and this one says average “citizen”. Shmucks and Citizens are different species. Duh.


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