A Bundle of Mandal

More crap

If Aditya Sarma does immolate himself, all those igniting this unwarranted frenzy will be responsible for it.

So it’s ok to be a farmer and commit suicide. That’s alright. Then you have the sympathy of a certain bunch of people. But if you happen to be student wondering why his life just got harder, you’re a moron. (Note: I think that anybody committing suicide is a stupid thing to do, and have no sympathy for any of them).

Lastly, all those opposing “Mandal II” should tell us whether they are non-OBC. Upper castes are no doubt meritocratic (which is why sons inherit fathers’ businesses), and they are no doubt oblivious to caste (just see the matrimonial pages), but there is the hint of vested interest here. And if you are opposing reservations because admissions will become tougher for you, you won’t get the point of affirmative action anyway.

Mercy. The beauty of being TTG, is that he doesn’t know what his caste is.

As Vulturo (welcome back BTW) says  I don’t have many Dalit friends, because I have never bothered to dwell on their caste. I don’t know. I don’t know how many Brahmin friends I have either. (I am however, painfully aware of the number of Muslim friends I have, but that is another story, for another day).

Then there’s this . It just keeps getting funnier and funnier and funnier.

Albert Krishna Ali. LOL.

A businessman who refuses to rent a flat in Gaurav Apartments, would he ever give a job to a Dalit at his office? Unlikely. He will say that “they” lack “talent”, are not educated enough, and so on.

After comments like this, some of us are expected to carry on with ‘intelligent debate’. Anybody, who has spent even a second working somewhere, knows what a rarity professionalism, and hard work and talent are. A businessman who refuses to hire a Dalit solely on the basis of his caste will be out of business really soon – especially if 50% of our country is really meant to be lower caste. Honestly, I find that hard to believe, because it means we are all guilty of some really twisted logic. It means that the clothes we wear, the food we buy and the air we breathe is all tainted and polluted by the lower castes as they must be slaving away in factories and offcies and the like. Shit. But somehow, we don’t seem to mind it.

Will I hire somebody from IIT after I know he’s a Dalit now? No. Simply because I know that this person got in on relaxed rules, while the rest of them had to suffer through it. I will discriminate against him/her. Actively, whereas before this point, I would have not bothered about the caste of anybody from IIT. I would have hired the one that got the best grades.

But not anymore, sorry.
Last part – Personal Attack

I’ve personally met Shivam Vij at a Delhi Blog Meet. It’s funny, here I stand, along with a whole bunch of other people, being accused of discriminating against people because of something intangible they are born with or something (hell I have no frikking clue what the hell caste is. It makes no sense to me. I can understand racism, but caste-based discrimination makes no sense to me at all). But when I met you at the blog meet, it was YOU who turned your nose up at me, because I happened to live in ‘South Delhi’, the ‘posh’ part of town, and you were the one who sat there judging me.  Interesting.

I refuse to submit to the will of a pawing-clawing kleptocracy which puts “Equality” <- a disgusting concept when applied in an economic sense over “Merit”. “What use do we have for merit anyway”.


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