Some Administrative Stuff

Addressed in order of the comments received

On Ayn Rand
She’s a (deceased) crackpot bitch, who believes that men should rape women as the only true act of love or something (please, spare me the lectures on how I seem to miss the true nature of what she’s been saying). However, at the same time, she managed to articulate that which was always present in my mind, and probably in the mind of a lot of other people. Which is how it is – some of the greatest psychos in history also came up with some of the most interesting theories. Am I a fan of Ayn Rand? No. I read Atlas Shrugged (exactly 4 times, which is very low for somebody like me), and for the most part, the book is shit. It is one long rant (and considering my pedigree, I know a rant when I see one). Some parts of the book are good – specifically the thoughts that go through the men who were working for Taggart Railways before the accident in the Tunnel. That one portion of the book sums up things in India so well, that the rest of the shyte the book is filled with is forgivable.

The Fountainhead on the other hand, is brilliantly written, and nice and taut. No ranting, interesting dialogue and stuff. I wish more philosophical/ideological books were written with that tone.

On Moderation (Comment Moderation, not Alcohol)
My comment policy is as follows – every single comment that anybody makes shall be published EXCEPT comments that reveal my e-mail address, physical address, telephone number or other confidential personal information. Personal attacks, cursewords, attempts to defame, and really brainless attempts at creating an analogy between moderating comments on your blog (private property) and being in support of government regulation shall be allowed to go through. Of course…this moderation is ‘faith-based’ – you have to take it on faith that I actually do let defamatory comments through.

So in case the intelligence-impaired are still asking why retain moderation at all – it is to maintain some control over what is currently my intellectual (the word intellectual being used extremely loosely) property. The concept of private property/intellectual property, unfortunately, is not comprehensible to communists, so this idea may go straight over their heads.

On Calling People Fornicating Jokers (Cop Out)
Who exactly was being called a Fornicating Joker was intentionally left ambiguous. This was for legal reasons.

On mentioning the WTO
I never said that the aforementioned people were talking about the WTO. I brought up the WTO.

On Unintentional Humour
This post is either in jest or is out and out trolling/flamebait.

On Mandal II
Thank God Australia is offering citizenship so easily. Bye bye India, I’ll come back when you come to your senses. (ok not really, I miss Chicken Tikka too much – plus I have to vote the current government out of power).


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