How the other half bullfaeces

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming..
So here’s the original article.

It’s full of the usual moralising, self-righteousness and other rubbish, not to mention the fact that comments are closed.

Ok somebody is lamenting the suicides of farmers. Fair enough, lament away, whatever floats your socialist, state-owned boat.

But then you quote lies, and stupidities:

The new wealthy in India are quietly abandoning the state: paying for their own private police force and playing golf at private clubs. There appears to be little concern about supporting public services or about the poor who are stuck with decrepit hospitals and schools.

Oh yes, little concern about supporting public services. WHen we want roads built, then we’re just concerned about find a new place to honk our horns. When we want more electricity, then we’re displacing villagers in Narmada. You can’t win. The poor are ‘stuck’ with a lot of other things too, why do you only restrict to hospitals and schools? And apparently, it is my fucking fault that the hospitals in Vidharba, if they have any, are performing poorly. I’ll try and put this about as mildly as can. Fuck. You.

The arrival of new pesticides, genetically modified seeds and swanky tractors that soak up increasingly expensive petrol has pushed up the cost of the production.

This part is just hilarious, and proves just how the author is full of shit. Full of it. He has no clue what he is talking about.
Tractors. Run. On. Diesel. Diesel is subsidised heavily, because it is more expensive than Petrol, and the government, in its infinite Socialist wisdom, decided to make Petrol more expensive so that the “rich” could subsidise the poor. Second – apparently these new tractors are gas-guzzlers. Oh yes, let’s go back to the olden days when you were using bullocks. One part of the TheOtherIndia cartel might get pissed off because of cruelty to the bullock. Furhter, is the idiot author trying to imply that the tractors of yore were more fuel-efficient? My ass.

Vidarbha’s farmers, unprotected by market controls and tariffs, have to compete with growers from the European Union and US who are subsidised to the tune of billions of dollars a year. The last vestiges of Indian government support were withdrawn a few months ago. The result is that Indian cotton farmers have become impoverished in a few short years.

Oh those poor little unprotected babies. WIll somebody please get them a nursemaid? They are unprotected. So what this seems to imply is that they should be protected instead of the fact that it is the EU and US farmers who should be UNPROTECTED. But you see, India and the rest of the world has been unable to negotiate a fair deal for its famrers because it needs to do that at this thing called the WTO, which is Satan’s latest incarnation as far as our OtherIndia friends are concerned, so nothing ever gets done there except of fighting off protesters who could have been better off preventing women from being molested on our streets, and nagging the MCD into filling up its potholes.

A bunch of fornicating jokers.


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