Journal Entries

Based on previous posts, I think you can expect low quality from this one too…

This blog is hereby renamed “Tarun’s boring life and sordid lovelife journal” from here on in. There’s not much left to blog about. See, the thing is, one gets so drained from the classes, that one is no longer in the mood to be angry and ranting – plus being frustrated in other aspects used to help fuel the anger. In case it isn’t clear, here are the classes I’m taking for this term:

  • Accounting (for Managers) (Argh)
  • Managerial Economics (Argh)
  • Data & Decisions (i.e. Statistics. Argh)
  • Marketing (for Managers)
  • Managing People for High Performance

As you can see, it’s enough to keep one busy. So instead, I’ll just narrate the events of a party last Friday.

So I lied when I said I wouldn’t be mentioning the Sexy Singaporean again, I figure I’ll de-introduce her gradually. 

So this Friday was ‘Fiesta Latina’, yep a Latin Party. When the Peruvian Pair (which consists of the Perfect Peruvian and her husband (unfortunately)) invited everybody to this party, I fired back with “WHen I do the Salsa, it looks more like the Nacho sauce, and less like the actual dance”, but the Husband replied with “Don’t worry, all of us will just be hanging around the bar anyway”, so I said ok I’ll come too. 

So I walk in to the party with my flatmate, and check out the scene. Tis a nice party.Observe if you will, in the corner sits the Sexy Singaporean, in a pink top and a towel skirt. What pray tell is a towel skirt? I have no idea, but it looked like she’d wrapped a towel round herself, so I call it a towel skirt. 

Now, in the “Dummies Guide to Picking up women”, it states that you should “play it mean, keep them keen”. SO that’s what I did. I danced with every woman that night except the SS. Net result? Well she danced with recently-made friend and fellow classmate – Bombay Boy (who is in direct competition with me for this woman. He’s a hardcore Shiv Sainik. We’ve had a lot of almost-violent fights, but more about that some other time).  Anyway, nothing happened between the two of them, and Cinderella-like she disappeared at midnight, like she always does. 

So because I’m a total bastard, today I send her a message saying: “I’m hurt. No, not only am I hurt, I am deeply offended. You didn’t even dance with me at the party”.

Her response: “You didn’t ask”.

Note-to-self: Don’t mess with 28-year-old Singaporean woman.

(Once you’ve got up off the floor laughing, allow me to continue with this journal entry).

So mid-way thru the party, the French Finesser decided to play a trick on some of the other guys hanging around the bar. He tells the bartender – 3 shots of tequila, and three shot glasses with water please. Bartender returns with the request. This tequila happened to be clear like vodka/water and not yellow like the one I’ve known. DOn’t know why. Maybe this one had no piss in it -) Anyway, net result, French Finesser had 3 shots of water, and another classmate of mine (a Parsi dude who looks like Freddie Mercury-who-was-also-Parsi-BTW) ended up having to be dragged home by me and Bombay Boy.

So after the party, we all wandered around an area in Melbourne called ‘Brunswick Street’ which is where everybody hangs out to grab their Souvlakis and Slice-of-Pizzas after some hardcore clubbing. Suffering from a major ‘Munchies’ attack, we’re trying to hunt down a place to eat, and we run into LastGermanStanding Boy and girl-mentioned-in-previous-post-who-rubbed-up-against-me-at-the-local-bar. (There are reasons for not mention her nationalistic alliteration – I don’t wanna ruin her rep). 

LastGermanStanding Boy is obviously making a move on the very drunk woman-mentioned-above, and in the middle steps TTG and tells her: “You’re a very mean girl. You just danced with me once tonight”.

So girl unlocks from LastGermanStanding Boy, and locks on to Tarun and starts kissing him and cooing: “Is this mean? Is this mean?”. Ahem. Tarun is a little taken aback, and most hot-blooded males’ reaction is to pounce. But as has happened to me on Numerous occasions I tend to freeze and get shocked that here’s a woman actually behaving like she’s attracted to me (or very drunk? Heh). Now LastGermanStanding Boy is standing there with a very I-wish-it-was-WWII-and-you-were-a-Jew look on his face..and I was dying of starvation. And TTG thinks equally with his stomach as much as his you-know-what.

So he tried to have his cake and eat it too shall we say, by dragging girl with him to pizza place, but girl stayed rooted due to drunkenness. Drunk Girl? Pizza? Drunk Girl? Pizza? Argh. Pizza. Well in all fairness, LastGermanStanding Boy got there first.So I had to unlock, and leave Drunk Girl to LastGermanStanding Boy, and go on and eat not-so-good Pizza and drag Parsi friend home in a cab. 

The End.

Note to Thungachi – I have been getting your e-mails, and apologies for not replying. I do have a lot say and will reply in another day or two – PROMISE!


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