(and Laugh Out Loud)

Ok, WordPress (or some mysterious hacker – whom I shall call Fucker just because I’m an abusive bugger) keeps displaying a “Happy Diwali” post at the top of my blog, even after I’ve DELETED the bloody post.

Well I can’t be bothered to fix it, I have an exam at 9 am tomorrow – yes on a Saturday. Sniff Sniff.
A belated Happy Holi to everybody.

And a 1% chance with the Sexy Singaporean. Went for dinner with her yesterday. Asian women are all the same, be they South Asian, or Southeast Asian. Over some ‘Mee Goreng-no-seafood-no-egg’ (basically chicken and spicy thick noodles ), she went at me rapid-fire:

“Where’s your family,do you have any siblings, why did you leave America, do you like it here, will you go back, where is home for you, why do you want to work in singapore, don’t you likie Australia, Singapore is expensive if you’re single, when can I see your apartment”.

Phew. I wonder what the results of that evaluation are (no I didn’t show her my apartment. It’s dirty.)

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