Saturated Silence

Well I’m the hated TTG anyway….

So the Blank Noise project is going full swing.

TTG will remain silent about it, because he’s not an Indian woman, and unfortunately belongs to the category of men who should be gay, but for some reason, at the last minute, turned out to be straight. Examples? A woman comes over to your house and you make out. Then she steps into your bathroom for a shower, comes out in just a towel, and expects that you won’t want to sleep with her. Yes, that was the first time in my life I contemplated rape, but only in my mind. There’s more where that came from, but I won’t go there. Instead, I’ll focus on something that none of the other Blank Noise articles have: Solutions.

1) Legalise Prostitution as a legitimate business (In Australia, a company that owns brothels, debuted on the local stock market).

2) Legalise Pornography

3) Legalise Homosexuality

4) Outlaw Single-Sex education

5) Have serious classes on Sex Education, starting from 7th Standard i.e. when most kids are 11 and on the cusp of Puberty.

6) Do something about the shyte they show in Bollywood movies in which the eve-teasing guy or the annoying guy in the plane seat gets the girl, . Plus also try depicting Sex in a tasteful manner on screen, and leave the rape scenes out, for fuck’s sake.

What lies at the root cause of all this molestation, and lechery? Convention (and actual research) puts the blame on culture, and how it’s all about power. I’d like to add a few more things to the list:
One of them is the criminalisation of something that is completely normal. It is perfectly natural to have a sex drive, contrary to what some of the more extreme voices out there seem to be saying. I think about S-E-X about every 3 seconds(or less). And trust me, it’s far more imaginative than any porn movie you’ve ever seen. But the thing is – is there any socially/morally acceptable outlet for that sex drive in our country? The answer is a resounding NO. Well the results of that are in everybody’s face.

Another reason that I’d like to pose is lack of self-respect/feelings of inadequacy, and frustration (yes, this comes from one’s own experiences). The people who fall into this category usuall feel impotent in some way or another, disenfranchised. And this, again is the outlet. Education, and employment will probably help to some point to get rid of this (counter-argument of course is the cases of dowry deaths and other things that happen in high-income and high-education families), but then the stuff mentioned above will help even more, in my unhumble and NRI-ified opinion.
DISCLAIMER:This is all the output of my deranged mind, and may have no factual basis whatsoever, these are just my obeservations and theories.


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