Quotes of the Year

Yes, I really don’t have anything better to do. Sorry guys!

Quote of the Century
“You blow me, I blow you!”

Context: I walked in to the b-school canteen, trying to avoid 2 of my friends who are some serious nicotine junkies. So I was just kind of bitching about smoking to The Sexy Singaporean. So she says, in her singsong Singaporean accent: “Ya, I don’t like it when people smoke either, so when they start smoking, I start smoking too”… So I’m saying “…Ok…and why is that…?” And then she starts gesturing wildly in front of her face with her two fingers in a “V” and she goes…”You blow me, I blow YOU!”. Was in splits for the rest of the day. Kept repeating that comment to everybody until people started looking at me funny.

The second quote is a bit of mystery. I can’t quite figure out whether I should “do” anything about it. Well it’s not a quote – it’s an e-mail:

you’re so funny man. i think i’m falling in love with you or something. no just joking not inebriated like you. well just wanna ask if you could forward the picture you sent me to K. i accidently deleted it and she just wanna see it that’s all. oh by the way data&decisions on monday was so confusing nobody explained it to me like you did. i think you should do a part time here. hahahaha. see ya

Is that a hint? Or is it just somebody being funny (it’s a very gorgeous South-East Asian girl). Any ladies reading my blog out there, please to comment and help me. I’m very dumb when it comes to these things (or over-smart?)

ButterChickenLit is where it’s at, man.

Oh and here are some responses to the comments on the previous post

Autumn Stone – do u live in Melbourne? If not, not much point in getting my e-mail eh?

Brown Magic – no ma’am this is me passively looking, not actively. If I were actively looking, then I would be doing things very differently. I didn’t really expect the bartender to call me back. It just a “Fun thing to do when you’re 7 beers down”. As for the Nepali waitress, to quote Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman, the day you stop looking is the day you die.

RT – didn’t think you’d be much impressed, pleasantly surprised. As for sounding like my mother, ok so I confess I could have been a little bit more intelligent about my spending habits, but it’s hard when you’re used to getting reinforcements at the end of the month -(

Karma – sorry for dropping of the map, net access is limited, and have been busy giving exams and stuff. This leaves me with limited time, and I use that more to say what I want than respond to other people – because the “Say What I Want” is therapeutic.

Parth – where have ya been!

Pareshaan – apologies – see the comment I left for Karma


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