Rambling Again

Of Memes and Other Things
As much I’m not aiming for IndiBlog of the year, the HUGE drop in IndianBlogger ranking from around 6-12 to 40 hurt my ego a lot. It’s probably the only thing that motivates me to blog -)

It’s been an interesting week.

My Marketing professor is one of those energetic type dudes, who likes to hammer his points in.

I’m down to the last few dollars in my bank account, and have no way of getting more money for a while – some people might consider this some sort of revenge on my rants, and that now I might figure out how the other half lives. No, because I’ve been here before, went hungry for a week and a half in America. Not fun. Ah well, I’ll get by somehow.

Fellow students got locked out of their apartment in our building. Instead of
shelling out the AU$150 that the locksmith charges to unlock your apartment, they called another student who was an expert mountain climber and used to be in the Swiss?/Belgian? army. He actually went to the floor below (the fourth floor) and climbed from one balcony to the other, and walked in and unlocked the apartment !#$@$!#@$!@#@$!@ Crazy foreigners!

My flatmate has a bit of a gambling problem, 3 nights last week, he was over at the Crown Casino playing Blackjack. And everytime, his system worked. He’d play, then lose, then take a break and get upset at having lost so much, then go withdraw some money and then come back and win double. He now has enough to buy himself a new laptop. I wish I’d “invested” in him. -)
My flatmate….a late 30s to early 40s retired American Army guy! Used be a colonel! The reason I get along with him, and some of my newly-made friends get along with him is because he thinks like a frikkin’ Desi! He knows every possible way to break the rules and get away. Always good to have an Army guy with you.

I’m still thinking about the cute Nepali waitress I met at the Mexican restaurant the other day. I think I’ll have to go back there…

Walked into a club called “255″ with 3 other guys. These 3 guys were determined to pick up a woman, whereas I am on a ‘Sanyas’ these days. I’m least bothered about women. I wants an MBA, and I wants it badly! Anyway, so this the story, told from an alcohol perspective. I parked myself at the bar, and notice that the bartender(ess?) is kinda Indian-looking.
I order a beer.

After beer 1 – Hmm, those losers are dancing around looking for girls, and I’m not even a little buzzed. More beer!

After beer 2 – Still not buzzed! There must be compensation for Liver Damage dammit! More beer

After Beer 3 – Hey who is that hot Indian girl dancing around? *Eyes follow indian girl, and she ends up being a bartender as well!* Dancing bartenders. What will they think of next? More beer.

After Beer 4 – Ok, the hottest women here are the bartenders. Now they’re most likely not single. How to get their attention… *lightbulb goes on*. More beer.

After Beer 5 – Signal the bartender and ask her for a piece of paper and a pen. Gives me a funny look and comes back after 15 minutes with the materials. I write “It seems that the only attractive woman here is behind the bar. Would love to get to know her better. [My Mobile Number]”. And fold it up and put it in my pocket, laughing at myself for being silly.

Finally, my other friends give up their search for women and decide to leave the club, as we’re walking out, and I put the piece of paper in the bartender’s hands (she gives me a quizzical look) and walk out.

(And no, she hasn’t called me back. Duh! I wouldn’t call me back!)

And now finally, we get to the Meme. RTD2 (Curbside Prophet, see sidebar) was curious to know about the 8 points of my “Perfect Lover”. Well…this is a really difficult one, but I’ll try my best. I’ve realized that I’m a slut. I have very few standards that a woman has to meet. Ah well.

Ok first, if it isn’t obvious yet, the gender of my lover is female.

1) She has to have spunk, i.e. she’s not a dull wooden stump when you talk to her
2) She has be intelligent, simply because I am, and bimbos tend to leave me for the Alpha males. Bugger.
3) She has to have courage – courage to say she’s attracted to me (are there any women out there who are?). Also courage to tell me when she’s not. And I’d like a woman who isn’t afraid to make the first move.
4) Oh and she has to be able to watch Star Wars (episodes IV-VI) with me, whenever I feel like, and enjoy it as much as I do.

And that’s basically it! Now you must be wondering where looks come into all of this. Well, I’ve disvoered that when I like somebody, they start looking “prettier/sexier” and vice versa when I start hating them. My ex-girlfriend, or should I just call her my ex-friend-who-lied-to-me, would win the Ugliest Cow competition hands down, beating even Princess Camilla. But obviously, when I was with her, I didn’t feel that way.

Sorry RT, you must have expected a lot more, but there it is! Or maybe I don’t know what I want, which would explain a lot. Or maybe I’m just in Sanyas phase right now, and looking to own a BMW more than win a woman’s heart right now.
(Wow, I’ve turned into an asshole…… Turned into? I always was!)


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