Some Pictures

Call it a little advertising for MBS (Melbourne Business School)

School Sweet School

Pub Sweet Pub, right next to School Sweet School.(Clearly MBS has its priorities right!)

Home Sweet Home – Trinity Apartments, which is also right next to the School and the Pub. Will show more pics from inside my apartment – it’s got a gorgeous view of the city, and is in the angle, second from the top. I’ve ended up sharing with someone, however. (It’s a 2 bedrm).

Ahem. These signs are found in all Public Transport – note the circled part… the F am I going to survive in this country?!?@?!?@?!!@###!

So it’s bright Summer’s day and you’re out with your family friends. You go to a place called Sugarloaf Resevoir, and you sit down at the restaurant, and order a cup of coffee. So yer sitting having coffee, and you see a bunch of ducks walk by in the distance… you take a pic. And have your family friends laugh at you for being a FOB. BAH!

Observe if you will a Sexy & (Bold) Singaporean – or rather The Sexy Singaporean. On being told that I was taking pics to send back to India, she made the following pose, with the following quote: “Let me show off my boobies, to piss off all the women, and entertain all the men”. She’s a real tease I tell you. “I’m single, but not looking-la!”. But most of the men are chasing after her – even the married ones! Oh, and she said that a handsome man like me should be acting in Bollywood movies. *Grin*

Now we have the more coy Incredible Indonesian. She was almost going to be my flatmate, until I found out that she has a boyfriend(outside of MBS). Bah! Oh and the fact she doesn’t really wanna live another guy…I wonder why…

Class Participation is 20% of your final grade. This means every prof needs to know your name. Hence the big sign in front of my seat (do you really think I’d be sitting there advertising it otherwise..? Ok…maybe I would be…)

OK, I think that’ll do for now, I have a 10 minute presentation to prepare (and the topic, of course, is Blogging!). So I shall leave you now, after having wasted more time on this than I should have (I am soooo scroooooed).

Buh-bye. Next post will have some city photos.


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