Salaam Namaste from Melbourne(short post)This not a what I learned in the City post coz I ain’t really seen the city yet.

But from what little I have seen of Australia, I love it.

What i love even more is that Dual Citizenship between Australia and India got legalised last year. So this means that when they do institute private sector job reservation quotas in India, I won’t have to change citizenship to Pakistan, I can just flee to Australia instead.

Oz seems like America without the stupidity.
Ozzies don’t think they’re the centre of the universe – they even know there are other countries outside their own.

Ozzie women are hot, and ozzie Men are not. This means I’m in with a chance.

Imagine an America where everybody drives on the correct side of the road, and you have Australia, complete with suburbs and wide freeways going thru the middle of nowhere. They even have roundabouts here.

Now I just need to find a place to live…I wonder how long I can depend on my family-friend’s hospitality.

Oh – and most importantly – the cellphone service here is just like India. The true mark of civilisation – fully regular decent GSM 900/1800, no incoming charges, and cheap prepaid. Joy.

Ignore the read more, you blasted people from the lands Up-Over.

Oh and that’s “Mel-bun” not “Mel-born”. Wokay?


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