Complexity (and Delhi Blogger’s Meet Announcement)

Lots of rambling

STICKY POST. Updates (however sparse, below)

I’m panicking. I have to book an airline ticket. I have to find a place to live. I have to pack. I have to fulfil a few goals I’ve recently set for myself. I have to meet a few people, and defy a few curfews ;-)

I’m suffering from ‘CrapBlogger’s block. (Do crapbloggers actually suffer from blocks? Do androids dream of electric sheep? Does the crud that develops in the corner of my eye every morning have a name, or is it just called EyeCrud?). Some people have ACTUALLY called me up and told me they check my blog first thing in the morning for updates. Guys, I really have nothing to say these days. So I’m filling in with autobiographical stuff instead. Maybe things’ll change in the New Year, or maybe when I get to Melbourne… who can say.

Amit Verma is going to be in Delhi on the 2nd of Jan, and there is going to be a Delhi Blog Meet in his honour. Saket/Vulturo is heading back to Bombay to take up his new job the day after. And it will be the last Delhi Blog Meet that I will be attending for a while as I go off to Melbourne to sell my soul (get an MBA) and qualify for a lower rung of Hell. Hey at least I’m in the VIP Lounge. The Lawyers and Socialists, Delhi Auto Rickshaw-walas and MCD officials are still a few levels below me :-p. I wonder if I’ll get to meet Nehru when I’m there…
Anyway, come one come all, to see the Tamasha, when Free-Marketeer Amit Verma clashes against Shivam Vij, and also has his impressions of TTG changed.

Mere ex-rival ki shaadi hai.
Ok here’s some boring personal information. Since I went to high-school in Delhi, I have more High-school-related stories while I’m here. So anyway, in my High School (twas a very SMALL and Private school), there was a competition between some of us…sort of. The guy who was #1 in class had held that position throughout, so we never challenged his might. But the #2 position was up for grabs, and there were 3 people in contention for that slot. By the time we graduated, I was the one who got it. Ha. Without even putting any real effort into it. But there were two other guys vying for that slot. One of them was like me, a not-much-effort-type dude. But the third guy…he was insane. He used make a note of all of OUR grades after every exam, he used to slash his wrist when the woman he loved wouldn’t return the lurrrvee..he used to get help from IIT professors to study Physics (and I still beat him. Stick it in yo-face!). (In school, he had a thing for a woman who is now a newsreader on one of them fancy English-speaking channels, I think it’s NDTV 24×7).
Anyway, he’s getting married this Jan, and it made me realize that my time is coming soon too. You see, I’m 26. This means that by Indian standards, I have hit marrigeable age. Many an old crone has checked me out from head to toe and asked me pointed questions about my job and salary filing it away for future match-making. Mercifully, my parents want me to actually be “settled” before I get married, so they keep pushing away offers, saying that their son has to get his MBA before he can get married. This means that I have till May 2007. The day I graduate, I will probably be expected to get on a horse and ride to Verma’s Banquet Hall (or the Maurya Sheraton..). Somebody is gonna have to explain to my parents that I don’t plan on getting married until I’m 35. And I would like to have slept with the woman before I marry her…. The thing is, that I’m a late bloomer. I had my last milk tooth out when I was 12. I learnt to walk when I was 2, or something. Right now, I have not learnt enough about women to prevent ending up as my wife’s bitch. I’ve just barely escaped a Delhi-Woman’s grasp and her mind games (and her new Italian Sausage). And women who don’t want to hold power trips over you are a rare and beautiful breed (you know who you are -) )
Does anybody else foresee a little family trouble on the horizon? Argh.

Okay, I’m publishing this post, but I’ve realized that the quality of this blog has really really really degenerated. Don’t expect me to write again until something/someone lights a fire under my ass. I’m off to play SimCity4. Goodbye for now, and may you all have a Happy New Year.


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