Yea, Me Too

A Year End Post…

Look 2005 has gone. Welcome to 2006.

The End

Ok hmmm, do I have any New Year Resolutions? No, not really.

Any past regrets from the last year? Some.
Anything special I want to share about the past year? No, it’s all on my blog anyway.

What the f am I posting for then? No Idea.

Happy New Year everyone!

What did I do last year for New Years? Well I’ve been back in India since February 2002. But between Feb 2002 and September 2005, I have had no social life (part of this is because of a very unhealthy 3-year long relationship with a nasty female canine – yes, Bestiality…). So…last year, me, my sister, my cousin and his wife went to a restaurant called ‘Ploof’ in Lodhi Colony and had dinner. After dinner, we drove around like a bunch of fuckfaces, and ended up celebrating New Years on Aurobindo Marg, midway between Jor Bagh and Green Park. Now just like there is a Barista ‘Creme’ in South Ex, an upmarket Barista, there is the Cafe Coffee Day Lounge in Green Park….all the waitresses there (and I mean ALL of them) wear the shortest skirts I’ve ever seen and all have bleached hair and all are tall and model-like. So after celebrating New year’s on the middle of the road we went to the CCD Lounge and had a coffee there.

Twas the strangest New Year’s ever. This year I hope it will be better spent.. let’s see how it goes..


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