Isa Da Heppy-Burday

(Punjabi for Merry Christmas)

I am on strike. I simply refuse to rant. It must be the festive season. Actually, maybe it’s because I’m just generally Happy, with a capital H these days. I regret to inform you that I’ve mellowed out…well let’s see how long it [bad-word-for-fornication]-ing lasts.


The fastest a Hyundai Santro Xing (not the eRLX model) can do on the NOIDA toll road is 140 Km/H before the Engine says Uncle (and Aunty too).

The fastest a Honda City (new model, but not VTEC) can do on the NOIDA toll road is 180 Km/H but then I ran out of Toll Road. Boohoo.

It’s cold.

Patrix, your 2 posts on your return to India sucked. But not for the reasons that Vulturo is afraid of. Oh if I were just a little unhappier, this post would be a rant

A blogger who shall remain nameless(not Dilip D’Souza) actually dared to reject a comment I had left on his blog one day. And it was the most innocuous comment too. It said: “Hey Samit, nice meeting you at eM’s Party. BTW, since I’m referring to you on my blog, just thought I’d let you know”. Just publishing it here so that the truth is not lost to anus of blog history. Or something.

Saket’s new name is 12DrinksAhead. Further, the !$#@#!$@#! dared to call my blog a ‘CatBlog’, when he was only OneDrinkAhead. I swear by the blood of a squished malaria-bearing mosquito, I will have my vengeance, and then some.

Aanchal, nice Christmas/Birthday party.

Last of all, The Trump Card – This is what I bring out when I’m on my last ditch attempt at getting a woman to date me:

Me, aged 2.5 years old. Photo pasted in passport which got me to Hong Kong.

“ if you go out with me, we might fall in love and get married, and then YOU could have a baby as adorable as that picture”.

Little TTGs running around all over the place. Oh what a fantasy!!!!!

ignore read more (after you’re done pulling my cheeks…ahem, the UPPER ones!)

Oh and a question to the rare people who actually visit my blog:

“King Kong” or “Chicken Little”? Which would you see and why. Discuss.


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