I Don’t Want A Simpler Life, Thanks

These rants, they just keep coming and coming…

Spoke to a Cynical Lawyer Neighbour the other day. He is considered some sort of local expert on e-commerce here in Delhi, and he had to give a speech on it some time this week. When he found out that I’d worked at Amazon, he figured who better to get the scoop on what e-commerce was all about. So we talked for a bit (B2C, B2B, ICU ILU, ILU, er.. wait.. sorry, wrong acronyms)and ’twas actually an interesting discussion…and at the end of it all, he says: “I see us heading towards a more complex world, one in which the Haves will just sit on their fat asses, while the Have-nots will carry on toiling as they always have. Now you can order every bloody thing off the Internet..blah blah bark bark bark woof woof woof moo moo snort snort snort”

(So much for respectably presenting an opposing point of view).

There is another bunch of people which long for simpler days (I assume many of them have grey hair, but when one ASSUMES, one makes an ASS out of U and ME, haardeehaarhaar). They long for the days when we weren’t surgically attached to our cellphones, when a rotten wooden stick would be enough to spark a child’s imagination, and s/he didn’t need ‘BeyBlades’ or Pokemon Cards (don’t even get ‘em started on First-Person Shooter games on the PC..RamRam)….

Ok, now I know this will cause a few guffaws…but unfortunately, you see, XBoxes and Playstations, Cellphones and Digital diaries…these things are the product of this thing called Intellect. And you see, the thing about Intellect is that it doesn’t remain stagnant.

The FACT that just looking at a rotten piece of wood sparks a Child’s imagination is what prompted that kid to grow up and design an XBox.

I read somewhere about somebody lamenting the fact that the world has changed and that with the advent of the cellphone, we have all lost our private lives and people have become rude…..no.

The guy who was rudely talking to somebody on the cellphone is the same guy who would have been making flatulence symphonies before the advent of cellphones. He would have been the guy who sat at the back of the Globe Theatre and laughed at the people who were crying when Romeo bhaiya died, while munching on almonds or something (whoops, that was me).

He is the same guy who cut in front of Mugga and Wugga when they were in line to slice up their piece of Wooly Mammoth and Sabre-Toothed Tiger.

Technology doesn’t make us more annoying, we always were annoying! (Note to Self: PLEASE LAY OFF ALCOHOL. It has seriously [bad-word-for-fornicate]ing loosened my tongue, and caused me to reveal things I would normally stuff into the recesses of my mind. Well there go my chances of running for Supreme Military Dictator of India)..

So just like I cannot survive for 15 minutes without my cellphone, Mugga & Wugga were probably regretting leaving their spiked wooden clubs at home that day….

This is called the Relentless March of Technology. It’s usually advisable to do as Humans have done over the milennia and ADAPT to these changes(or perish). Yes, a cellphone is annoying in a movie theatre (and apparently has caused some trouble for steamy after-school oral pleasure-seekers as well…) but for some people it might be the difference between life & death.


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