Ari Ari Ari (Adipa!)

My Theme Song

Ok, so the last few posts have been absolute crud, and this is because, I am actually suffering from Blogalysis/Rantalysis

Blogalysis: n. An inability to blog brought on by having too many topics to blog about, and not knowing which should be brought to the fore.

Rantalysis: n. An inability to rant brought on by feelings of immense anger/hatred/frustration felt on reading a Socialist/Communist/”I’m in support of Free Markets but…”-ist

Anyway, so since I’m suffering from these -alyses, I decided to pick another frivolous topic.

If your blog had a theme song, what would it be?

Now, while a lot of people will give profound and spiritual answers (some song by Dylan, or The Doors, or Hendrix, or U2), you have to understand, that I’m Punjabi. So instead, I’ve decided that the honour for the TTG Blog Theme goes to…:

Baraa Barsi – Bombay Rockers

Basically, if I were a little more shameless, I’d have that song playing in the background everytime you visted this blog, but I have some standards, however sparse, so I’ll just ask you to pretend it’s playing everytime you visit my blog.

Baraa barsi is some Punju folk that the dholwalas always sing in Punju weddings. They make up verses, each dedicated to family members, (so when they sing the verse with the word ‘Mama’ in it, the Maternal Uncle bounces out of the circle into the middle and does the Indian Wedding Uncle Dance (usually with some Scotch in his hand, OF COURSE).

ooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…..that being said, The Bombay Rockers have of course, remixed it in their Punjabo-Danish fashion, and I hereby declare it the Theme to Voice From A 2.5-World Country.

Now if I was a famous blogger, I’d have started a new Blog meme, and tagged 4/5 people. But you see, I am an elite blogger, and therefore, have no such pretensions :-p. But if you DO get inspired by this post, remember to link back, complete with bend-over-backwards-praise.

BTW, Yes, I am fully aware about Operation Duryodhan (Gratuitous Link), and I have nothing to say, because all has been said about that. And of course, there was the whole goddam after-party post

I even wrote a whole rant about it…but there were so many cusswords in it, that I got a notice from Blogger saying I needed to pike down (ok, not really).


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