The Yumnam Effect

A “Page 3 of Blogging” style post…

Went to a party last night. Met Samit Basu there. The conversation went as follows:

Me: Hi
Samit: Hi.
Me: You’re Samit? Samit who?
Samit: Samit Basu.
Me: Oh cool, Duck of Destiny right? Congrats on your Book Launch. By the way, I’m TTG
Samit: Ah yes of course, you’re the Elite Blogger!

Samit is a lot younger than he sounds on his blog. I was expecting a 36 year-old, and got a 26 year old instead.

Anoushka Shankar is back with her ex-boyfriend (the one she’s been with fer 10 years or so), the old half-breed Goat! Will these two lay off each other and give the rest of us a chance. “Tango” (friend and blog commentor) is gunning for the boyfriend, and well we all know about me. Tango was meant to sell me to Anoushka tonight…but she(Anoushka) was liplocked…

Hmmm what other gossip do I have….none at the moment…


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