My Name Ain’t Mud (Or Keechad either…)

A simple solution to an idiotic problem

How to oppose the change of name to Bengaluru…er… insist on calling it Bangalore…and correct your children, your children’s children and the dog’s bark too when they say Bengaluru.

When the fuggers and buggers of the world decided to rename Bombay to Mumbai, I decided to perform a little civil disobedience. I still call it Bombay, and will continue to do so till I go to my grave – which based on my recent driving skills seems to be much sooner than I had forecast -(

Call me an angrez, or that I was born with a topi on my head whatever. Middle-finger extended, I say Bombay.

The same goes for Connaught Place. It’s f-ing Connaught Place, not Rajiv Chowk. In fact, half of Delhi doesn’t even KNOW that CP was renamed Rajiv Chowk, because we will always know the place as CP.

And Bang-Galore. Why would you ever want to change the name of place with a name like that? Is Bang(C)Ko(c)k being changed to Bengukoku?

So c’mon folks, go back to your (eeeesh) Gandhian roots, and Quit Bengaluru.

Jai Bangalore!

Oh yes, and I just remembered….er….Indian Airlines….is being renamed….Indian Airlines!


Yes, I KNOW it’s only being renamed to “Indian”. But envision the following conversation between two intellectually-challenged people (one of them being me :-p)

Me:So what airline are you flying by?

Anoushka Shankar(for want of a better name. She’s in Delhi, performing in Elevate as we speak.., and I’m this close to getting her number..): Indian.

Me: Indian Airlines?

Anoushka: No, just Indian.

Me: ….but that’s an Indian Airlines…right?

Anoushka: Shut up and kiss me you fool!



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