Social Ambiguities

nd other randomnessSex is like Cricket, you’re only as good as your last performance
Sex is like Cricket, the REAL deal is the 5-day game
Sex is like Cricket(for men), wood is a necessity, as are balls.
Sex is like Cricket, why settle for 4, when you can hit 6
Sex is like Cricket, without protection, you could be out for 9 months
Sex is like Cricket, you will be punished for blocking incoming balls with your leg
Sex is like Cricket, if you’re not in sync with your partner, one of you’ll get run out.
Sex is like Cricket, everyone wants to be (Wo)Man of the Match
Sex is like Cricket, you really ought to Pace your Innings (you might not get two!)

Ok, just thought all that stuff up on the spot (no, really!).

Additions by RTD2

Sex is like Cricket, practice makes perfect.
Sex is like Cricket (for straight men), you’d really like to bowl a maiden over.
Sex is like Cricket, sometimes a silly point can be dangerous.
Sex is like Cricket, it’s easy for me to get stumped in both.
Sex is like Cricket, it’s all (Indian) guys think about )


So… you go out for dinner with people from the Business School you’ve just got into. They’re paying for it. Do you go against the crowd, and not order the set dnner? If everybody else is having White Wine, do you go for the Red? (if you’re me, you say Fuck It and do so…).

Anyway, today I meet my ex-Car Pool partner for dinner (her name is M, she’s been on this blog before). I figured I’d give her a nice treat and stuff, and we could sorta say goodbye properly. (Besides, she’s an attractive Bong women, and TTG likes having dinner with attractive women, Bong or otherwise -) )
So the thing is, she’s (happily) married. And we’ve not had any physical contact ever (duh). Is it appropriate to give her hug? A handshake? (More on handshakes later – I hearby declare shaking women’s hands to be illegal. You might as well just stamp a sign on my forehead saying “I AM NOT MAN ENOUGH TO BE GAY EVEN” rather than shake my hand…). Been wondering about this for a while – HEY I’ve had nothing better to do for the past month, OK!

In other news, what do you get as a birthday present for somebody you’ve met recently? It can’t be too cheap, because you don’t wanna look cheap (although maybe a birthday card would do). It can’t be too expensive, because a)You’re a miser, and the person doesn’t merit an expensive present yet :-p, b) it might freak said person out. But you wanna get on this person’s good side -) Problem is, what’s too cheap, and what’s too expensive? And this isn’t a close friend. Shopping for close friends, at least for me, is next to impossible! Argh! Well ‘cept this one time when I got my closest friend an answering machine – and that was a strong hint, because that pig never used to return my calls (this was in America, about 4 years ago – SMS hadn’t been invented there yet, I’m serious!, plus we were broke college students, so we couldn’t afford cellphones). I suppose tying a red ribbon round me in my birthday suit, and jumping out of the birthday cake and saying SURPRISE! is not a good idea? Yea, didn’t think so. Ah well.

Social ambiguties, I tell you. They’re annoying.


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