Still Rolling On The Floor….

Ha ha ha ho ho ho….

Aekta and eM had asked me to put up a post of ‘6 Reasons why I’m still single’ or something like that which listed my requirements. I wrote that post (was quite crappy), it’s still saved as a draft.

Then I managed to get access to secret documents, and was just going to post those up…but then decided against that.

Then about a week ago, I had come home very drunk, and written a post which was all wallowing in self-pity – it’s also still saved as draft.

But then I woke up in the morning today…. and read the TOI front page.

My question to you is this: How can you run a military dictatorship….and be called….


Go Palloo! Palloo, Supporter of terrrorism? No wonder Bush dismisses all of India’s claims….he’s probably sitting in the White House thinking… “Naw, not sweet ‘ol Palloo….”

end of post


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