The Honda City That Ran Over Self Help Books

At last, TTG gets back to the usual.

Argh. Groan. Moan. Grumble. Growl post on ‘Aaj Kal de bacchey’*

The best part about Hinduism, is that Hindus don’t have to subscribe to dogmatists like you. Who made YOU the keeper of my religion?

They dont know why a shraadh should be performed every year, why a sacred thread should be worn, and have forgotten to pray with verses

I know why a shraadh should be performed every year, and I think it’s stupid. Guess what. That doesn’t make me any less of a Hindu. Go do some more research on what being a Hindu means. The same goes for praying with verses.

There is one section that believes in God but not in the ecosystem that comes with it , the pujaris and the pyres.

Yes, and again, this section is not any less Hindu. Believe it or not, there are many different forms of Hinduism, and yours is not the One True Faith. The reason I love my religion the most is because it doesn’t follow any One True Faith nonsense like many other religions. You reveal yourself to be a fundamentalist by these statements. There is no one keeper of Hinduism, no one Vicar of Hinduism on Earth. So don’t dictate to me what I should or should not be doing in my religion.

It is unfortunate that most youngsters learn a foreign language like French during school for better global prospects rather than Sanskrit. Knowledge of Sanskrit enables one to atleast understand the various mantras chanted during a ritual or the scriptures in the Vedas.

The answer lies there itself. Better. Global. Prospects. It’s very easy for you to lecture people on praying to God on a full stomach. Not all of them are so lucky. So you would deprive them their right to a better life just to keep preaching archaic ideals? And your reason for learning Sanskrit is even sadder. If all I can do with Sanskrit is to pray better, I’m not going to be learning Sanskrit anytime soon.

Its a strange vaccuum where the joys of materialism after years of Brahminical restraint and the vapidity of mainstream media have left us very little time or inclination to find and know our roots.


Ummm welcome back to the Real World buddy. Please don’t pass me whatever you’re smoking. Some trips I can do without…

A word about vacuous materialism. Is the computer your working donated by by some benefactor? No? Did you Pay for it? Do you own it? Did this machine, this culmination of years of vacuous materialism (and vacuum tubes) help you get your point across? It did, didn’t? So much for the benefits of Brahma-f-ing-inical restraint

*Aaj kal de bachchey is Hindi+Punjabi for “The Kid’s of Today”


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