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Bloggers converge on Capital for blog meet

Dear Mr. Yumnam. Thanks. Without you, our meeting would not have been so successful. Vulturo also toasted to you.

So, this meet was much bigger, and I got to meet a lot of interesting people. I wanted to link to all of them myself, but instead, I shall point you to Three Drinks Ahead for a list of the attendees.

A much more accurate, and well-written report chez Vulturo’s

This bloggers’ meet had a Manipuri, and it had reporters, but no Manipuri Reporters.

Swar(nalata) was the first person to show up, and then Saket, and then Me. (Aanchal’s auto broke down, so we had to act as substitute hosts till she turned up).

So me and Saket grilled Swar a little bit, and found out she was a Bangalore blogger, taking a vacation here in Delhi, although she’s spent a lot of time here before. And she’s into theatre, which is ultra cool! This was the only new person I got to find out about in any detail -(

Then Nikhil showed up, got a call on his cellphone and disappeared. So we then had Gaurav and Ashish show up. Since these two were kind of new we started discussing general stuff – why do you blog, how do you blog e.t.c.

Then the Host showed up, and so did Nikhil and Jai Arjun Singh. I was somehow expecting him to be a lot taller -P . I wanted to have much longer conversations with Jai, but due to circumstances I didn’t get around to much of it.

That left Abhishek, Shefali, Aditi, Prathamesh, River, Prakriti

(All of whom I did not get a chance to talk to, but really wanted to get to know better. Dammit, 15 people in one blog meet really does become unmanageable).

We did manage to take a snap poll of who was communist, and who was capitalist. Everbody did a little introduction.
Jabberwock and Vulturo had a passionate argument about Egoism/Objectivism.
There was some Microsoft vs Open Source that was thrown around (Sorry, Firefox rules!)

but you see….. I had some other business to attend to…


So Vulturo joked that there would be sparks flying tonight. Why?

Well this exchange should tell you why.

I was actually very curious to know what eM looks like in person, and as it turns out, so was she.

I expected her to be what I like to call the “Delhi” girl stereotype. I was expecting her to be dressed in black, with hair till her shoulders, and one of those very small black purses, and sort of half-expecting her to be Punjabi. (Yes eM, only half-expecting)

But she wasn’t any of those things (pleasant surprise).

Hmm…dare I get a little personal?

She had short hair. She was smaller and thinner than I imagined. And of course, very expressive eyes. Somehow the eyes stay with me.

She was expecting me to be shorter, thinner and bespectacled. (Can somebody say the word geek?). Blue Balls(Anti-Climax)
Alas, dear readers(if any), contractual obligations prevent me from mentioning what some may consider the most interesting part of the evening. At some point, it may be blogged about, but right now it has to be bottled up. This is by a mutual agreement, which could be broken at any time. The thing is, we both use our blogs to talk about stuff freely and frankly – but there seems to be an unwritten rule that at this point we won’t. But so many events last night were blogworthy. Ah well. Irony. Cannot blog about that which you wish to say the most about. This is the risk you run when you physically meet other bloggers, putting faces to their blogs.

I’ll just say this – I need to compile a list of 5 desert-island movies, music and books so that I have them ready when somebody asks me. Right now, I sound like an ass saying my interests are varied! (But they are!!!)

Oh and I need to take a few songs out my playlists……

Disclaimer: This post may be edited and updated as and when the author feels like


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