Delhi Blogger’s Meet – December

The position is filled, the show is on..


The DBM for December is being organised for the coming Sunday. Your Host has the scoop on all of it.

We shift back to Central Delhi – good ‘ol CP, to a pub called DV8, where I have never been. So if you’re in Delhi, and fancy yourself a blogger, feel free to join. If ya don’t like Sharaab and Smoking places, feel free to suggest an alternative to the host before the big day.

A few things:
1)I will be wearing a ‘wire’, or a ‘bug’ so that the entire contents of the meeting will be recorded, and podcasted to see off possible print-media-induced spats.

2)I will be frisking EVERYONE at the entrance, to make sure you don’t have any media credentials.

3)In case you haven’t figured it out yet…I’m just kidding. Except for the frisking part :-p


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