You don’t look Human

For Fuck’s Sake

I hereby coin a new term – roast. Roast = Rant + Post. This is a roast. (it sounded better than blant!)

At the risk of being abused by many of my friends, and bloggers (if u ever read this). I would like state the following:

There is no such thing as a fucking Indian Look.

There has been many a time in my life, when somebody has come up to me and told me:
“You don’t look Indian”
“You could pass for Meditteranean”
“You look Middle-Eastern”
“Ola. Como estas?”

When I forwarded my ‘A Few Thoughts’ post to a friend of mine in America, she looked at the rogue journalist’s face and said ‘He doesn’t look Indian’(He’s Manipuri).

There was some discussion on Sepia Mutiny a while back on Bollywood, and about how it is the people who look ‘White’ that make it big.

People believe that Aishwarya Rai is so popular outside (and in) India because… ’she doesn’t look Indian’.

So clearly there is one thing that all of this seems to imply. In order to look Indian, you have to be short, thin, dark brown, round-eyed and ugly.

(This just makes you my ex-girlfriend, not Indian-looking. Ouch.)

(Gosh, you don’t know how tempted I was to put a picture of her up here. This is probably why I am still single. Talk about bitter, mean streak!)

As hard as this may be to swallow for many people….India is a big country (in terms of people). It is a diverse country. Fuckin’ America does not have the monopoly on diversity. Have you ever heard somebody say “S/He doesn’t look American”. Does that statement seem slightly outrageous to you? Yea? Well ‘S/He doesn’t look Indian is equally outrageous.

Here are some general trends:
People from the North of India tend to be slightly taller and fairer – But THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE FROM THE SOUTH WHO ARE AS WELL
People from the Hill States and the Northeast of India tend have more mongoloid features (BUT SOME DON’T).
People from Bombay are just weird :-p
e.t.c. e.t.c. e.t.c. There are many people in Goa who have slightly blonde hair, and the SAME APPLIES TO SOME KASHMIRIS. Some Indians have NATURALLY-OCCURING GREY EYES.

So do me favour, and please help to stamp out the statement: “He/She/You/I don’t look Indian’. Argh.

By the way… this is what I look like

Image is from IMDB – if there’s a copyright on this, will remove…in the meantime…


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