Nishel – My Belle


I need to get me a fur coat and an old Cadillac.

Hey folks, above you see an old high-school friend of mine. Her name is Nishel. She’s of Bihari origin, but is based out of the UK. Nishel wanted me to do a whole blog post on her. Why? Did she attempt to prevent the adulteration of petrol? Nope. The upliftment of the Dalits? Nope. But basically because she’s hot, and she’s single.

And she also sent me the following mail:

why arent i on your blog? i want to be on your blog! put my pics on there!!!

Now I wouldn’t have done justice to the poor IIM grad, or to any Social Workers, but I think I can do justice to her.

So this is Nishel, who’s based out of London, UK. Apart from a whole bunch of interesting things, she’s helped manage the Tommy Hilfiger stores here in Delhi, and was responsible for handling the opening of the Moschino store in Mumbai. So guys, if any of you happen to be in London, and think you match her criteria, leave a comment.

(Yea, I had a big crush on her, but she won’t go out with me. -( )


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