Can’t think of a sub-heading

Laloo has been kicked out of Bihar. Yay. But will there be any change? Who can tell.

I tried to export all my posts to WordPress But gave up 1/5th of the way. Too complicated, and annoying. wordpress.com doesn’t allow u to change the template. What’s up with that? If you’re giving free hosting at least give everybody full control.

Confession: I actually like the main song from Neal’N’Nikki. Yes, I need to get my head examined. ‘I’m the Neal, I’m the Man, Rockstar, Superstar…’. Argh. ‘Main tab bhi itna cool tha, jitna main aaj hoon…’. Sigh.

Being unemployed means you get to sit at home and download lots of pirated music. As depressing as ‘Yellow’ is, I downloaded it, and now I’m hooked to it too. Suggestions for good music to download will be appreciated. Anything to get Neal ‘N’ Nikki out of my head!

Saw Harry Potter on Monday Night. I actually thought it was a decent movie, though many people disliked it. Yea, Lord Voldy-Whatsit should have hammed a little less, and been a little more scary, and some things should have been explained better – like what priori incantatem is all about. And how come we weren’t treated to a little of the Quidditch World Cup Final? -( The dude who played Ron does a great job. Cho Chang does look pretty attractive.

Google Analytics, is interesting, but a bit slow in loading up. Interestingly it gives me the following map:

Or well maybe non-interestingly. I guess it should figure that Delhi people visit my blog the most, followed by B’bay. The most visits come from USA, but they are much more fragmented (naturally).

And finally there’s this:
Went to see the movie with an old female school friend. I realized that I was attracted to this female friend (shocking considering never really had any feelings for her before). But this friend is actually into Anoushka Shankar’s(The Sitar Playing daughter of Ravi) ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend is a looker, being a half-breed/mudblood and all (He’s half Spanish, half Indian). Anyway, so in conversation with her, I found out that Anoushka is currently very single…but she’s in California. So apart from figuring out The Next Big Thing and learning how to use WordPress, I have to figure out how to get Anoushka Shankar to date me. (We actually met once, when she was not so famous, but I doubt she’ll remember me. Ah well).


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