A Few Thoughts

this will be my last post on the DBM Fiasco
Ok let’s go. (Click the read more)1) I would like to offer a total, full, wholly completely unconditional apology for the very unkind, nasty hatespeech, with which my first draft of “Betrayed” was published. There was absolutely no reason to threaten to dismember a certain journalist’s member. There was also no reason to exhort people to harass him either. So for that, I am sorry. I apologise for this, because although I don’t believe anybody takes my buffoonery seriously, there are many bloggers out there who DO wish to be taken seriously, and I would discredit all of them with my stupid, childish outburst.

In my justification, however, I would like to say that for the past 2 years, this blog has been very obscure. I had a total of 8 cronies, who would come visit, ignore my cursewords, comment on the content and disappear, basically allowing me free run of this space. I have gotten into a habit of not putting thought into gear before accelerating blog posting/commenting, and thus far I have been able to get away with it scot free. A few flamebait comments on Deeshaa.org, or dcubed, in an impotent rage, and on with the rest of day. Basically, I would post whatever came into my mind. Did the thought of putting somebody’s reproductive organ through the guillotine cross my mind? Yes. But as the blogosphere has an excellent self-regulatory mechanism built in, the criticism of my fellow bloggers allowed me to see reason once I cooled down, and so I toned down my post. Now, it is still vicious, but a lot less so. Better people than I have written worse than what is currently up there.

2)(Pardon the poor alignment. I’m too lazy to revise my HTML)
Ok now if you look above, you can see “James”. A nice guy named Anthony left a URL on my previous post. After doing some further investigation, it turns out that “James” happens to be journalist working for the Delhi Times, known as Ranjan Yumnam (yes, he actually is Manipuri). Vulturo had posted about his technological knowledge very recently before the Delhi Blog Meet. BTW, “James” – you’re welcome to visit more blog meets, in fact, JOURNALISTS ARE WELCOME, AND SO IS ANYBODY ELSE!
UPDATE: I googled around a little. Here is the best piece of humour, I have ever come across.

3) The above picture shows you the meaning of the words “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”. Once upon a time, I was an obscure blogger with nothing more than 2/3 comments on my posts, and a reputation for misinformed rants on many a blog. If you look at the graph…<SARCASM>it seems that I am approaching the number of visits required to break into that circle of bloggers known as ‘Elite’.</SARCASM>
Laugh. Out. Loud.

4) To go back to the really nasty tone of my rant, and use of inexcusable language, it is because I was just so completely shocked.

I am an unemployed Software Engineer by day. I have hair growing out my ears & nose (I hope The Compulsive Confessor is not reading this..).

When I decided to host a Blog Meet, I didn’t think I was speaking for the 14 million brown people living in this city. I do not claim to represent anybody other than ME, and that’s only half true, as I’m a Schizophrenic (ok not really). I thought I was going to be able to find a way to kill a few hours, here and there. Meet up with like-minded people, chill out, relax. I did not think that I would end up on the front page of the Delhi Times due to some completely unecessary deception, and be TOTALLY misquoted. Had the journalist at least advertised our URLs, I would have forgiven him (No publicity is bad publicity). Had the journalist actually published what I had said, I would have been jumping for joy. Forget Page 3, I made page 1. HA! But…no. Instead, the four of us were made to feel like complete idiots. It’s amazing. You wake up today thinking, hmmm today is going to be a simple day. Will have some coffee, and discuss silly/semi-important things. I never realised it could/would be so complicated.

Finally, the reason I put my rage up on display is basically because a) I have high blood pressure, and b) I’m lazy. Shivam/Saket/River/Aanchal/Anybody Else actually took the time to sit down, and channel their energies into writing mature, civilized (and angry) blog posts. But you see, I always treated my blog as my venting space. Unfortunately, with 200-something visits, I’ve lost that space. My apology is given above, so I’m not repeating it. Please go back to your regularly-scheduled programming, there’s nothing to see here.

UPDATE:Great Bong also writes a great post. I like being called “The Recurring 2.499999″.


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