Croak-and-Dagger tactics

The irony of receiving your 15 minutes of fame…in this format…

The Delhi Blogger’s Meet that I hosted is going to haunt me for some time to come. A little bitching it seems can go a long way….

I got woken up today by Saket/Vulturo. He said we’re on the Front Page of Delhi Times, and the article is awful(unfortunately, it is not up on the web yet either).

Not only is it awful, it’s full of barefaced lies.

Saket, owner of a Blog tracker turned up and gave company to the lonely host

Umm, anybody who knows Saket, knows he has a BLOG, and a “BLOG TRACKER”. As for me being a “lonely host”, I’m attempting to line-maro the Compulsive Confessor, so it’s only a temporarily-lonely host. Asshole.

“I’ve booked the entire section of the restaurant” he added, pointing at the empty sofas reserved for an army of bloggers that he had expected

Ummm…Barista is not a restaurant.
I hadn’t booked the “entire section” of it.
And there was ONE sofa, which could hold 2 people, and ONE chair that was empty.
An army of bloggers, MY ASS.

Their favourite pastime remains MSM bashing, often without caring to provide substantiations, and taking cover behind free speech platitude

Gee, I wonder why I might feel like BASHING THE MSM AT THIS POINT IN TIME!

“We are the elite bloggers of India” announced Tarun, as Aanchal and Neha, who showed up later, nodded in agreement.

Ok, first off, I SAID I WASN’T one of the ELITE bloggers of India, and went on to roll off a list of all the A-list dudes (The people I mostly pick fights with – Deeshaa, India Uncut, Uma MD, Dilip D’Souza,e.t.c.) as being part of the Elite crowd (and Saket too).

Second(I suppose this is lucky), River’s name has been incorrectly reported as Neha. Again, I don’t know if River has a prob with her name being mentioned, so I won’t mention it, but it ain’t Neha…

Now I know how celebrities must feel when they see their quotes in print. Is anything in the paper the truth? Delhi Slimes, congrats, you’ve reached a sub-subterrenean low.

If anything, this just shows how worried the MSM must be about us. Why else would you send a spy to check up on us? James (if that is your real name) you are a slimy little piece of shit.

As a draconian measure, in line with our government, I suggest that any newcomers to bloggers’ meets be asked to demonstrate their knowledge of blogging BEFORE they show up. If you don’t know anything about blogging, too bad, go do some f-ing research first….ok I’m only kidding. It would a dumb, unenforceable thing to do.

Anybody with better suggestions, please do tell.

I have revised and refined my blog, based on this post
and Nitin’s comment.

However I would like to state that this is MY SPOT on the Web. That is the whole goddam point. And while some bloggers want to be taken as seriously as journalists, I DON’T. Everything on this blog is just that – a voice from a 2.5-world country. I have never claimed to be the authoritative Voice.

Update 2
Now I’m being painted with the TOI brush!

Update 3
If you’re still coming to read this post, please move on to this one

Update 4
You know what, there is no such person known as “James”. And if you shall observe, it is James that I call a slimy piece of shit. Is calling an imaginary person names really name-calling?


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