n defence of my DBM hosting…Shivam has an interesting post (No Longer Available)about our Delhi blogger’s Meet.
Umm, Vulturo links to the Google Cache of it though, in his post..

Because I am unemployed (and am considering putting my profile up on AdultFriendFinder and Shaadi.Com just to see what sort of response I get), I feel justified in making Mount Everests out of Speed Breakers. So in my defence, I would just like to say that I would rather host a blogger’s meet in pub than in a coffee place. I just figured that not everybody was a drunkard like me, so we should start off abusing a different substance. But I should also have known better – this is Delhi, after all! If I’d held the meet in a pub/other sharaabi joint, maybe attendance would automatically have doubled.

Oh and a word about the number of bloggers – while I don’t expect to see huge crowds, a few new faces would be nice – in addition to – and not – in lieu of – the old faces.

And to the Page 3 journalist: I’ve been trying to get my picture snapped in your page 3 since I’ve been 3 years old. I’ve dropped names, changed clothes, donated to charity even. Sigh, so close, and yet..so far…

Huzoooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, huzoooor-e-ala


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