Delhi Blogger’s Meet Report

They came, they saw, they got conquered.

Ok let’s see…

The Barista Creme WAS quiet on Saturday when I went to reserve some space for us bloggers, I didn’t think there would be such a stark contrast the next day!

All of you Delhi-ites are traitors, if this is the sort of attendance one should expect from a blogger’s meet then we might as well go back to watching the Rocks grow.

So… the first person to show up at our Blog meet was a guy called James, from Manipur, studying here in Delhi. Poor James showed up at 4.30 !#@#! and asked random people if they were bloggers.

Next come me & Vulturo (I don’t think I need to link to him, he’s The Prince of Darkness). Well I spent like 20 mins circling around South Ex trying to find a place to park. I finally parked out somewhere next to some abandoned building, keeping fingers crossed that nobody would tow/steal it. Then I bumped into Saket who came out of Reliance WebWorld and we entered the Barista, and sat down at our ‘reserved table. Since nobody seemed to have responded, we both had afeeling that this might turn out be our first date instead of a Blogger’s meet. But then James showed up. So over a griled chicken sandwich, and Synthetic Barista Coffee ™ James asked us blog questions – how much tech knowledge do you need, what do you guys blog about, is there any money in blogging e.t.c. A nice chap, but a little too quiet for a loudmouth like me.

30 minutes later, River (of RiversBlueElephants fame) showed up, and she came with Aanchal who is the owner ofThree Drinks Ahead.

So we learnt that River has a Ph.D, so now I shall proceed to call you Dr. River. Unfortunately, this time there were no commie-cappy arguments -( We were in an affable mood, and the conversation was light and interesting. But we discussed a few things – who is the most popular Indian Blogger? Well as Vulturo pointed out, it does seem to be Amit Verma of India Uncut, but I’m still a little doubtful about that.

Anyway, the ladies ordered some lovely looking drinks – DOCTOR River’s drink had a mini Apple Pie on TOP of it!!!$@$#!#@ while Aanchal’s drink had a Brownie. How does this stuff manage to float on top of coffee? Mysterious I tell you.

Anyway, it was again, a good time had by one and all. Varna and Shivangi were meant to join us, as was Mr. Mall Road – kithe reh gaye si tussi? And Mr. MaharajDhiraj? Have all you people developed a life? You actually have better things to do? Whatever.

Delhi, you disgraceful city, shape up! I think right now our Bloggers’ Meets are poor shadow of our competitor in Western India (Mumbai).

Oh and this message is specifically for Saket – IGNORE READ MORE :-p


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